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Positive psychology is a field that helps to change people's feelings of being neglected by focusing on their strengths, such as resilience, coping, life satisfaction, love, and happiness. Positive psychology is new to this century and changes the views of contemporary psychology, which doesn't encourage people to accomplish things at their fullest potential. It also helps people to find ways of enhancing positive emotions, like happiness and fulfillment, and building psychologically healthy communities. I think that a lot of positive psychology is a very important concept because everyone has a different potential and by setting one goal for everyone, it puts people on different levels, which can lead to people feeling stressed and discouraged. By encouraging everyone to do their very own best, it causes people to feel more satisfied with themselves and makes people happier. As a competitive cheerleader, every person on my team has different capabilities and at different levels of achievement. When I compare myself to someone who has higher skills than I do, it makes me feel lower about myself. When I set goals for just me to accomplish that are to the best of my ability, I get a great satisfaction when I can accomplish them. By realizing that everyone is at different levels, I can strive to achieve my full potential and get a satisfaction from doing so. I do wonder why some critics believe that this is an unrealistic concept. Their argument is that it robs defensive pessimists of their pessimism and doesn't fully prepare people for negative outcomes. Why wouldn't people want everyone to feel satisfaction about themselves?

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