A Dreamworks Presentation

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Chapter 5 deals with fascinating aspects of subconsciousness and sleep studies. It is interesting from a college student's perspective to learn about how a given time frame of sleep effects your mental health. We all know REM sleep is great for us, however, could those cups of coffee you drink every day, napping or relationship problems lead to insomnia, depriving you of your precious REM?
We can better understand the benefits of sleeping, and the amount of time we should be sleeping simply by understanding the stages of sleep. As can be seen in this link, we actually have many stages of REM sleep. Certain disorders or conditions listed in chapter 5 can effect the amount of time you are spending in your REM cycle or how many you get in a night.
I couldn't help but think of the movie Inception when talking about "lucid dreaming" or the realization that you are dreaming.

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