Free Will: Is it Just a Compelling Illusion?

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For many people, it is simply believed that we are free to do whatever we please. It is assumed that we can make our own decisions and have complete free will. We decide what we want to do and when we want do it as long as it is within the bounds of our legal system, of course. Most psychologists would agree that we, as humans, have some sort of free will. However, some imperative psychologists believe that free will is just a very dominant illusion.

determinism.gifThroughout chapter 1, there is a lot of introductory information regarding the study of psychology and it's history. However, one of the two great debates of psychology really stood out to me: the free will/determinism debate. Do people truly have complete free will? Or is free will just a powerful illusion? Many would argue that most things in life are determined by free will. For example, if a person was to go dine at a restaurant, all things considered normal, that person would be able to pick and choose from a variety of options, thus expressing free will. However, determinists believe that this so-called expression of free will would be a result of thousands of outside influences, therefore simply making free will an illusion.

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I believe in people having complete free will. It is impossible to prove in any way that free will is just an illusion. I think that people can choose to do what they want when they want and I feel it is really odd to think otherwise.

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