What Alcohol Means for You

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It may be no surprise to you that college students drink alcohol. While we are not alone in our alcohol consumption, drinking has a large impact on every aspect of our lives. The way each person responds to alcohol is different. Some become a more happy, outgoing version of themselves. Others become sad, depressed, and angry at the world. So how does someone go from this:1.jpg to this:2.jpg?

Chapter 5 talks about the physiological effects of alcohol on a person. As I'm sure many of you know, alcohol is a depressant. Although I had always heard this I was always confused by it. If alcohol is a depressant than why do many people feel happier when they have it? The key is that alcohol only acts as a stimulant at low doses and as you drink more it turns into a more violent depressant. I think this is an important tidbit of knowledge for people my age who are likely to not only drink alcohol, but drink an access of alcohol.

I'm not here to tell everyone to stop drinking alcohol and that is the greatest evil of this world. What I'm here to say is that we should all be careful during our adventurous weekends. Having a fun filled night is something we all deserve, but spending that night hanging over a toilet is something you and your friends do not. For more information on the effects of alcohol on your personality click here.

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Very interesting, holt0703, I never knew that alcohol actually acted as a stimulant at low doses. If more people knew the true effects of alcohol, they would be much better off. I look forward to your future blog entries, my fellow psychology classmate.

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