Phobias and Fetishes and Disgust, OH MY!

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phobia 2.pngHave you ever wondered where phobias originate in people? Are we predisposed to fear certain things? Maybe, you want to know if there is a biological answer to foot fetishes. Chapter six in our textbook will help to answer all of those intriguing questions about fears/phobias, fetishes, and disgust reactions. In addition to that, the text dives into the meaning behind Pavlov's discoveries and the influences that punishment and behavior have on an organism. The major theme of this chapter is how organisms learn certain behaviors and also the molecular influences that affect our learning. After establishing the driving forces behind learning a behavior, the chapter concludes by discussing different approaches that claim to amplify learning, such as speed-reading, and decipher whether or not their methods adhere to the system of human learning.
Now you may be asking yourself, why should I care about cognitive models of learning? My answer to you is that knowing the material in this chapter will not only help you do well on the psychology final, but may also help you succeed in other courses. You could essentially set up an entire process of learning for ANY new material you encounter!

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