Art Taken to a New Dimension

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Edgar Mueller grew up in Germany with a childhood filled with art and a fascination with illusions. Around the age of 25, he decided to combine the two and began focusing mainly on 3d sidewalk art. Since then, he has won multiple street art competitions like The Grazie Festival which is widely considered the largest competition in the world. Since then, he has earned the nick-name "Maestro Madonnari" or "Master Street Painter." The secret to this new form of art is tricking the eye into seeing 3D images by messing with depth perception and using various shading techniques. The brain uses binocular cues with stereopsis (retinal disparity) and convergence in interpreting depth and dimensions. As we see in these examples, sidewalk art can look ctop13.jpgompletely different depending on which angle you look at it. The technique the artists use is related to the Ponzo Illusion discussed in our text or the "railroad track" illusion. The woman's leg is drawn abnormally large because they have to account for the illusion that makes things seem smaller and converge inward as they increase in distance from us, which is what creates the 3D effect. To see more of Edgar's work and learn more about him as an artist, visit his website here.


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Once while I was on stumbleupon I found a website that had many of these types of sidewalk art where they also had the 3D effect. Some of them are so interesting to look at, I would love to see one in person!

Nice descriptions of the illusion and how it works!

This kind of artwork is awesome. It’s so good that I can’t even tell if the drinks in the front are real or not. It’s weird that our perception can be so easily distorted. You have to have a great imagination to create 3D images on a sidewalk, so I really appreciate what these artists do.

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