Introducing the latest super hero: THE SUPERTASTER!

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We've all been asked this question once, whether it was during an awkward ice breaker during or a personal questionnaire: If you could have one superpower what would it be? While most people answer, super speed or mind reading or telepathy, hardly anyone wants super taste. Maybe it is because super testing is not all it's cracked up to be! Before you can understand the problems associated with super tasting, you need to understand what a super taster is. A super taster is a person who can taste saltiness and bitterness more intensely than a regular person due to an increased density of taste buds. About 25% of the population is believed to have super tasting abilities, and women are more likely to be super tasters than men. Because of this they have different perceptions about food, and spicy foods are spicier.
There are several problems that actually occur for people are super tasters. For example, they aren't able to enjoy certain foods as much. For example one super taster is unable to taste cake and they think that beer tastes like urine. The major health risk that rises with super tasters is that they require more salt to taste saltiness which means that the level of sodium they intake is far above the daily recommendation.
For More Information CNN and MSNBC Have Great Articles about supertasting.

Cornell University also created a quick 5-minute test to see if you're a super taster!


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What an interesting topic! I took the test you linked with the article and, thankfully, I am not a super taster! I feel like people would first think being a super taster would be so fun and interesting, but until they learn about the side effects and health risks that come along with it I'm sure they'd change their minds. I love food way too much - thankfully I am not a super taster.

Wow I took the test and I AM a super taster! I can agree with most things that you said in this blog about myself. I love salty foods and I do not like cake, at all. That part of birthday parties was a nightmare for me growing up. I am also a really picky eater. This was a really interesting blog post and now I may have to cut down on the amount of salt I eat.

Nice blog. Thank goodness I am a normal taster and don't have to separate out my food to get the different tastes of each while eating. I can just dig in! This blog makes me wonder how many "picky eaters" are essentially just super tasters. I have many family members who do not eat foods that a majority would deem to be enjoyable, or at least bearable to eat. I am also curious as to how a person gets to be a "super taster:" Is it inheritable?! I would definitely love to do more research on this.. Thanks!

If beer tastes like urine to super taster, then I don't want to be superhero anymore. That's really sad that they cannot enjoy foods, and it would be very stressful to them. However, they would not become fat because they don't enjoy eating food. I wonder if there is different kinds of super tasters, who are very sensitive to sweetness or sourness.

You wonder whether any supertasters would become things like chefs or whether it would prevent them. It's funny I've always read about supertasters in a positive light so it was interesting to see some of the down sides. Great post.

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