Sugar, Spice and Everything....Not Nice..?

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supertaster.jpgIf you're ever prompted with the word "supertaster," I'm willing to assume that you'd immediately respond expressing your jealous since they enjoy food on a whole new level. Just because the word super- is attached to the beginning is quite deceiving! According to the article Being a Supertaster is no Piece of Cake, Diane Mapes says it is a terrible thing. According to research done on supertasters the usual food they cannot stomach to consume is green vegetables. The surprising foods Mapes mentioned was that she could not stand eating cake or beer; in fact, she said her favorite meals are plain turkey sandwiches and macaroni and cheese. If you ask a supertaster what they enjoy eating they will probably respond by saying "the blander the better" because of their sensitive taste buds. Supertasters will stay as far away as possible from anything with large amounts of sugar, salt or spice. If they are not careful with spicy foods they could get the burning mouth syndrome and according to Dr. Hirsch, it's horribly disabling, you can't eat food, you can only drink water and it can be extremely painful--it feels like your mouth is literally on fire. supertaster2.jpgSo the next time you're consuming your favorite treat, take a minute to really appreciate the fact that you can eat that piece of cake and enjoy every single bite of it without hurting your tongue!


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During high school, we did an experiment in AP Biology that tested whether or not each student was a non-taster, a semi-taster, or a supertaster. During that time, we also discovered a correlation between people that are supertasters and people that strongly dislike coffee.

Interesting topic, after reading I think I might be a supertaster due to having some of they symptoms listed. I generally prefer bland foods and not much variety, among others. I wonder if they're is a scientific way to ascertain who is or isn't a supertaster.

This is very interesting! I never knew there were people in the world that cannot eat sweet and salty foods because they are "supertasters" and their taste buds are too sensitive. This would be a horrible thing to have especially when it comes to eating desserts. Also, the burning mouth syndrome sounds extremely painful and like something that would be unbearable to have. I wonder if they will ever discover some kind of treatment for the sensitive taste buds to allow these people to more freely choose the foods they consume.

This is really interesting, I did not know much about this topic. I think it would be terrible to be unable to eat so many types of food because of this condition. What do these people do when they go out to eat at a restaurant? It seems like it would be difficult to know what to order while dining at a new restaurant. I wonder if this condition keeps them from attending many social events?

I find this topic intriguing as it affects many people in their everyday lives and in the definition of a supertaster lies the explanation for common behavior we might not have thought twice about before. I was curious as to if there is a scientific way to test this? Or is it just each person’s opinion of what they might be or what their behavior suggests they are?

It's interesting because this is opposite to the way that Alan Alda (the guy from MASH) describes his experience as a supertaster. You can check out his video on supertasters here .

WOW! I am very surprised by this blog! I didn't know that there were things as supertasters, and additionally I was not aware that they were more attracted to bland foods over sweet and salty foods. Very interesting!

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