The Greatest Frontier

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Psychology raises some extremely interesting questions about self-exploration. When reviewing some of the material, we often revert to our own minds and explore areas of thought within ourselves that we had previously never reached before. The BBC video raises an interesting point in comparing the outside universe and exploring the world as equivalent to exploring our own minds. Think of all the areas we haven't even begun to comprehend yet. Look inward for a second and realize how much area, space and time we travel within our own skulls. We can time travel through memories, comprehend our own selves as sensitive creatures, comprehend the outside world, but what else is going on in there? If we only use 10% of our brains, it's hard to even imagine what else we are capable through accessing the other regions. It's mind-blowing, really, to understand that the greatest frontier of exploration is not planets and stars in our physical universe, but comprehending who we are, what happens in our heads, and our awareness of self. Take a second, right now, and realize everything going on around you that you are aware of, and realize how truly incredible you are. brain-fmri.jpg


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The brain is probably the most amazing single feature of the human body. We all have so many capabilities and a lot of them occur on the subconscious level. I can hardly comprehend all of the things that my brain does. It's as if it's always a step ahead of me. Although I think it's a common misconception that we use only 10% of our brains. I'm pretty sure we use a lot more than that. The brain creates a reality for us through the use of our senses. It's interesting to think what life might be like if our brains were slightly less capable. How far would we be able to see, how much could we hear? So many people take these things for granted. I definitely have a higher appreciation for my brain and everything it does for me after learning about sensation/perception.

I agree with the statement of our brains being a frontier; the human brain is capable of many adaptations as our environment changes and scientists will always have the ability to explore more of the mind. Although I feel like we use most of our brains, I think there is going to be things that in the future we will find new and interesting.

What does your textbook say about our using only 10% of the brain? Wouldn't we see this on brain scan?

Nice, insightful post. I agree that the human brain is an amazing thing. We have so many abilities that other species don’t. It makes me think a lot about evolution and why we were the ones that advanced exponentially. The fact that this one organ can control your entire body, a lot of the time without you even telling it to do so, is crazy. It’s so complex that we still don’t know everything about it. Hopefully we will sometime in the future.

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