you don't smoke? you can't be cool!

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Advertising these days became so manipulative that people are convinced to purchase even harmful products. The article by Arnold Anderson present four types of manipulative advertising: Expert opinion, Attractiveness, Lifestyle, and Fear.
smoking.jpgThe first one uses the "Expert" opinion which manipulates the trust people have on the experts who present the products. This particular advertising uses doctors as the experts and manipulates smokers to choose Camel cigarette over other cigarette brands.

The second uses attractiveness. As men have the desire for women, presenting an attractive woman and convincing that smoking appeals to women manipulate to purchase Tipalet. When men see Tipalet, they would feel the same desire that they feel for attractive women.

This advertising is an example of Lifestyle manipulation, which tries to associate the product with a particular lifestyle to target a specific audience. In this case, smoking is represented as coolness and popularity, which many people have desires for.

The last advertising uses fear as featuring the image of a burning cigarette with a gun to emphasize that smoking is the same as pointing the gun to yourself.

As shown here, these cigarette advertisings are so manipulative that promotes people to smoke although we all know that smoking cigarettes are bad for the health. Should we allow these advertisements on certain products such as cigarettes that can harm people? Or do we all know we are manipulated to avoid ourselves from purchasing?


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These advertisements of products such as cigarettes, while effective, are harmful to consumers. While not directly influencing consumers to purchase and use their product, they indirectly persuade consumers to purchase the "unconditioned stimulus/response" associated with their advertisements and products.

These different advertisements are really interesting! It's scary to think that advertisements like the first one actually existed in the past and worked. Now days we would never see a doctor recommending someone to smoke cigarettes, but that's because we have more information about the dangers of cigarettes. I wonder how effective these advertisements would be to all of us if we lived in the past and saw them back in the day.

The effectiveness of an advertisement on people is all about two things. Are the people actually educated and are they targeting the right people? These smoking advertisements are terrible but if you think about it the doctor advertisement must have been before people discovered how terrible cigarets were for you. Now that people know how awful they are these advertisements disgust people more than they help. Think about it, how many cigarette advertisements do you see today? People are more educated and don't respond to these advertisements. The people that smoke now are because their family members or friends around them did.

Isn't that last ad against smoking cigarettes?

yea, it is against smoking, but I just wanted to give all the examples of the four given manipulating methods.

Nice examples of different types of advertising. They all certainly appeal to different types of emotions.

The way you showed the different types of advertising was very interesting. I feel like it shows the progressing of cigarette ads as well, where people first thought it was okay for you to everyone knowing the dangers smoking has. I really liked your blog in the progression that you showed and the comparison it had to unconditioned/conditioned stimulus/response.

Great ads-- the one that promotes "blowing it in her face" shows how far society has come in anti-smoking public attitudes & we would probably not see this ad posted today by RJ Reynolds. I like the contrast of ads you used-- the ones showing smoking as cool & smart, and then the last one showing smoking as a way to kill oneself. Again, we can see the attitudes of society changing, and how advertising changes to suit the current mood of society.

Good examples of the different manipulations. It's amazing how many advertisements we're subjected to a day. They are on the internet, on buildings, television, radio, literally everywhere. It's good that cigarette ads had to start being regulated. People don't really think about the effect they have psychologically.

I agree that they manipulate you to smoke. I did a paper about tobacco, and it is the only consumer product that if you use as advertised, you have a 50% chance of dying. I really think that tobacco should be illegal because of all the deaths that it has caused and especially how advertisement make the product look harmless.

Great Blog!! I really like the different ads that you used to show the four different manipulative aspects to advertising. We can see this everyday walking down the streets if we carefully pay attention to our surroundings. I think that it is interesting to look at different advertisements and figure out which manipulative aspect they are using to attract me to the product.

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