The Key to Weight Loss? Eating Snacks

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As many Americans aspire to lose weight, they are looking for the best diet and meal plans out there. Of course, advertisements hit people with thousands of different ways to lose weight, many of these methods being very unsuccessful and even harmful to the body. After much research, the best way to truly lose weight is to maintain a healthy diet as well as get a sufficient amount of exercise. Contrary to popular belief, eating healthy snacks throughout the day may actually lead to a loss of weight.

Healthy Snacks.jpgGood Housekeeping presented a "Snack-All-Day Diet Plan" which consists of eating low calorie snacks throughout the day (about 180 calories per snack) and having about a 300 calorie dinner. The key here is that these snacks are healthy and low in calories. Suggested healthy snacks include fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds, and low-fat dairy products.

So why can't I just hold off until a regular meal and fight off my urge to eat snacks? This is a perfectly legitimate question. Eating three healthy and well-balanced meals throughout the day is just as reasonable and healthy as the "Snack-All-Day Diet Plan". However, the urge to overeat is more common with a three-planned-meal diet than with consuming low-calorie snacks throughout the day. As people get hungry, they might decide to "fight off" their hunger until the next meal. However, with this built up hunger, people are more likely to binge during their next meal. Binging, as we all know, leads to weight gain.

The "Snack-All-Day Diet Plan" is a very effective and reasonable way to lose weight, as confirmed by researchers at the Mayo Clinic. This diet plan, among others, is a great way for people to lose weight in a healthy way, stressing the fact that healthy diets and exercise are very important keys to maintaining a healthy body weight.


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Weight could be regarded as a very controversial topic for many people. I think you did a good job of being unbiased and informative. The snack-all-day diet plan seems like something I would like, as especially while studying, I like having something to snack on. However I think it would be very hard to keep snacks under 200 calories and healthy all day. Also, I would never be able to eat 300 calorie dinners. These things that I would find difficult about it however only make it more interesting for me to read and learn about.

I find this article on weight loss quite legitimate. It makes perfect sense how this would work with the multiple snacks. However I find it much easier to maintain a healthy weight by eating 6 smaller meals a day rather than snacking, yet they are essentially the same thing. Eating more often also keeps your metabolism going, unlike eating only 3 meals a day.

I agree that this diet plan seems like it could work. Some people think that if they skip a meal, they'll lose weight. However, this is incorrect because skipping a meal will make them feel even more hungry for their next meal, which leads them to binge eating. Eating healthy snacks throughout the day will keep you satisfied and mentally awake.

I completely agree with this article because I don't agree with all of the eating fads with people not eating. It has been proven that not eating for awhile slows down metabolisms and that leads to weight gain.

This article is not only accurate for snacks, but it has been proven that 5-6 small meals a day is more healthy than 3 larger meals. I feel like the key and hard part to this diet is to make sure that all the snacks are healthy, because it would be easy to eat processed or fast food for a quick snack.

"Snack-All-Day Diet Plan" is very attractive way to lose weight. I'm currently on diet because I gained so much weight during winter break. Anyway, I'm skipping dinner and doing 1 hour exercise everyday, but it is difficult because I have to fight with hunger every night. I think I have to try this diet style.

The "Snack-All-Day" plan seems like a very useful diet, working directly with your bodies metabolism to utilize your calorie intake. One problem that presents itself is the cost. I would find it very difficult to have "healthy" snacks always on hand, because I seem to run out of things to eat just days after going to the store. I almost feel forced to eat large quantities at the dinning hall just to get my moneys worth. When a meal cost $7.50-10.00, eating just 300 calories just doesn't seem cost effective.

Nicely done. I have tried diet plans in the past and in my experience the small meals tactic does actually work. It is hard however to have such things on hand and to afford them when you are in college. You touched on this, but I think they work so well because you aren't starving yourself. The best plans don't deprive you like some of the fad diets do, they simply teach you to eat all things in moderation. The challenge, however, is maintaing such small meal sizes and frequent times on a hectic schedule when no one around you is eating similarly.

I really like your blog. The "Snack-All-Day" plan seems like a very useful diet. The diet plan I used to read are usually about skipping meals and that's not good for our bodies. I am happy to see these useful tips to help my lose weight but also keep healthy at the same time.

This is a really interesting diet plan, that I have never heard of before. Growing up with a mother who was in a constant on again/off again relationship with weight watchers, this plan focuses on making smarter choices and less on a points system which I think is very beneficial to those who wish to loose weight. Further, once people decide to no longer continue the "diet" they can take what they learned about snacking to make better lifestyle choices.

"Snack-All-Day Diet Plan" sounds like a good plan! I should tell this to my friend who has much interest in diet plans. My friend tried many many diet plans, but she did not really had any success in any of those plans. Her last diet plan was detox diet. She faced many health problems while on the detox diet. She always felt dizzy and fatigue.

Good analysis and discussion of why this plan works. Also good support for your argument.

I totally agree with this blog. I tried many different ways to lose my weight such as eating only fruits, eating only one meal per day, and dark chocolate only diet, etc.
However, the best way to lose my weight was eating three meals per day with appropriate amount of exercising. If you plan to lose your weight, don't try to eat small calories and don't ignore the importance of exercising.

I think this is a very good way to loose weight. It is a lot easier to eat small snacks all day and then eat a small dinner than to only eat three meals a day and try not to snack. If you do this however I think exercising should be included in the dieting plan because it is very important.

This seems to be the most effective way to losing weight and keeping it off. I had a conversation about when and what to eat with one of my doctors last year while being tested for hypoglycemia. The response that I received was essentially, "It is not normal for people to wait until three exact times of the day to eat meals. It is a better idea to eat something light every time you get hungry. This way your body won't become accustomed to eating at a certain time everyday, even when you're not hungry. Just think about the cavemen. They didn't have exact times that they would sit down and eat with the family." After reading your blog and hearing a similar argument from my doctor, I do believe that this is the best way to lose weight effectively while staying healthy.

As I agree with most of the article, I disagree with some parts of it too. By eating several snacks throughout the day, I feel that would cause you to overeat more than if you ate three meals a day. You would have to have a lot of will power to be eating all "healthy" snacks instead of junk food as that might cause you to gain weight. Overall, keeping to a strict diet to lose weight is going to be hard in any aspect, but it is more than accomplishable.

I completely agree with this article! This specific diet plan seems to be the best idea to me. I totally oppose all those huge diet plans and starving yourself. Most of the outrageous meal plans you can order often times don't even work and cost you a fortune! In the end people try to get fit by spending all of this money. I have heard other times as well that it is good for you to eat different healthy snacks throughout the day. Your post was very interesting to me!

Low fat snacks can be fun and delicious. Enсourage healthy eating with friends and family bυt be gentle аnd encouraging not bossy аnd annoying. Air popped popcorn and low sodium pretzels over movie popcorn with butter, saves clicks on the calorie counter. For protein,stock up on peanut butter,almonds,walnuts cheese whether sliced or stringed, egg whites, white beans, black beans chicken, turkey and wild caught fish.

Snacks are pretty important in my opinion. I still believe as long as you control what you eat and exercise regularly, then you should be in good health.

Chloe, Publisher@Epsom Salt Bath

Snacks and binges are necessary for optimum amount of leptin production.
To know more:

Who says a weight loss diet is at the expense of taste? Instant Oatmeal - A serving of instant oatmeal is nutritious, light in calories (110 calories) and filling. This should pull you through to 1:00 pm, lunchtime. Protein smoothies - A protein smoothie is great to have after a workout. Perhaps you may search the web for weight loss diet recipes and acquire the recipe for layered dip with grated celery, radish (for some zest), carrots, and other things you want to include. Now take note that these snacks are not your usual junk foods that you can buy from the nearby grocery store; these are healthy snacks that you can prepare yourself and then you can eat them once you get home from work or if you bring them to your office!

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Surely eating HEALTHY is the key to live healthy and lose weight if you need it.

More important than anything is to pay attention to what and how many snacks you eat, mostly when you start this type of diet.

You simple have to find your routine.

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