Beauty Throughout the Ages

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Anorexia.jpgIn five years I think what I will remember most about our psychology class will be bulimia and anorexia. Although we can say that society is starting to realize that models and actresses who are tiny are not healthy, I believe that the societal norm will be pressurized towards being skinny. Young girls are going to try to be skinny in any which way as well. Even in five years girls and boys will struggle with weight and in trying to be perfect to stick with what beauty is as viewed in society. Anorexia and bulimia are sever illnesses and even though we do have a lot in the world explaining the dangers, unless there is a view saying that "normal" women and men are beautiful, there will always be young children trying to become beautiful by starving and hurting themselves. I believe that society will still be thinking the exact same as it does today in regards to beauty and how models have to be a size 0. It definitely is not at all healthy and is taking a toll on millions of girls and boys all over the world.


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It is interesting topic. I totally agree with your idea. I think that this kind of trends have to disappear in the society. Even though many people think that this skinny unhealthy model is beautiful, it is not healthy and makes other people to follow them. I think it is a kind of conformity. Most people think skinny young model is beautiful, so others tend to follow the conformity. Especially, it is really big problem in Asian countries. In Korea, many teenagers watch TV program, which most actor/actress are so skinny and mimic their body.

I find it so interesting to read what others have to say about this topic because it is something that is so prominent in our culture and it sickens me how our society views people, women specifically. I have a lot of friends that struggle with anorexia and bulimia and after being an observer trying to help them over the years, it really is a psychological disorder. As shown in your picture above, the girl that is much too thin thinks that she is overweight. It is so sad that this is what our society has come to in terms of body image.

I definitely think anorexia and bulimia are topics that we try to ignore as a society. It's sad that we have convinced ourselves that models are "normal" and that us actual normal people are fat. What I always found interesting was that it hasn't always been like this. In the old days, bigger men and women were actual seen as more attractive. I would like to know what happened that changed our perception on beauty. Anyways, good article!

I agree, the society completely disregards this topic most often. I feel that one of the biggest influences that cause anorexia and bulimia is definitely the media. Models, actresses, celebrities are surrounding us, giving this idea of perfection. We see it in movies, billboards, magazines, commercials and tv shows, we cannot escape it. Some people compare themselves to those "perfect images" that they see and think less of themselves, turning them to the point of anorexia. It's truly sad that we see this all the time, something needs to change, people are perfect the way they are.

We have taken small steps in terms of society's intoxication with the need to be 'perfect' (whatever perfect is), but we have a long way to go. Recently a friend posted pictures on Facebook of mannequins which are realistic in their size and curves. They showed the true form of a female body, where the belly may have a little bit more cushion, and the legs and upper thighs are not sticks and was not refreshing and beautiful.

I feel like the media is making girls feel like they have to be skinny to be attractive and that's why there are higher rates or anorexia and bulimia throughout the years.

While more and more young people are struggling with poor self-image and resorting to extreme measures and eating disorders to fit other people's standards of beauty, it's shocking to me that more people don't talk about this serious issue and bring more attention to preventing it and stopping it.

I also think that eating disorders are major problems that need to be solved in the coming years. I think advertising plays a major role in why many people become anorexic or bulimic. The majority of advertisements use sex appeal to sell their product and in almost all of these commercials the actress is unhealthily skinny.

Do you think it is just related to societal factors or are there other psychological issues going on? Why isn't everyone anorexic?

I agree that this obsession with thin is unhealthy, but like all trends I think it will eventually pass. What society deems beautiful doesn't necessarily remain in fashion forever. For example as recently as 60 years ago it was considered beautiful to be as pale as possible rather than the sun kissed look preferred since the 1960's. I also think that societies value on ultra thinness is largely overplayed. Real men, at least in my experience, prefer curves.

What do you think is the leading cause of the increase in eating disorders lately? I'd probably have to blame the media. Sometimes it has to do with a childhood experience of being made fun of or even relationship issues. Although it is a problem now, I think the taste for skin and bones will eventually fade, at least I hope.

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