Becoming a Parent

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Many interesting concepts were discussed in Psychology 1001 this semester. Among them, I think the concept of parenting style is what I will remember the most five years from now because at that time, I might be a parent also! 1BrianBen.jpg
To recall what we have learned...
There were three parenting styles permissive, authoritarian and authoritative. Permissive parents tend to be lenient with their children and authoritarian parents tend to be strict with their children. Authoritative parents combine the features of both permissive and authoritarian parents.
I guess that like many people say, authoritative which is the combination of permissive and authoritarian will be the best way to raise a child. I believe that when the parents are too nice to their children and allow their children do whatever they want, children will more likely to lack self-discipline and be self-involved and demanding. When the parents are too strict to their children, the children will probably have lower self-esteem and show more aggressive behavior (learned from their parents). So balancing the two parenting style would be the best way to raise children.
Even though I will probably remember that balancing the two parenting style is the best, it will not be easy to really balance the two parenting style. I wish I can practice being a parent before I really become a parent...


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This is definitely a resinating topic, and vital to this course's content. Obviously each parenting style, whether from house to house or culture to culture, is different in many ways, but one common denominator, as you mentioned, comes from permissive, authoritarian, and authoritative styles. And I completely agree, authoritative parenting may be the most productive and effective due to it's combination of both permissive and authoritarian style. But no matter which way you lean, this is a topic of great importance!

This is a topic that I will never forget either. Like you said in a matter of years a lot of us will be put into this position without practice or anything. It will be a time when we wonder if were being a good parent or not and we will remember everything we learned about how parents should raise their children. The other concept I will remember is how children grow and develop and what is normal for a child to behave like at different ages.

Its always easier to learn about the different methods of parenting, but its another to know how to actually live by these. Its always important to keep in mind that not every child will do best with the same parenting style, and it is a learning process for both the child and the parents.

I really like your topic. In the book, authoritative way is the best. However, I do not agree with it. In my experience with my family, my parents are permissive. They were never strict to me. For instance, when I was a high school student and studied in the library, my father asked me to skip the study to hung out with him. My parents are my real friends. Some people may say that permissive parents make their children with over-confidential and out of control. However, I think that those kinds of children could learn how the society expect to them with meeting many people such as, friends, teachers, and seniors. Also, it could be depends on own personality. At least, I am lucky that my parents are permissive!

This is a topic that I really enjoyed looking into. Whenever I see parents that clearly are going about the wrong parenting habits with their children, it makes me feel bad for them. I think that a combination of having set rules/morals for your child, while still letting them experience the world for themselves, is the best way to go about parenting. It develops a better relationship with your child and the child will know that they can still come to you if they really need help with something that they have going on in their life, even if it's not necessarily something that the parent wants to hear.

I too will remember the different styles of rearing children. I had really no idea which method was the most effective in raising a child. Now I know that authoritative, punishing kids when needed but rewarding for good behavior, is the greatest chance of a healthy and obedient child.

Good luck to you... just remember that if you show them love and a little discipline, for the most part they turn out fine.

I agree with the notion that being an authoritative parent is the most effective style the majority of the time, however, I believe that their are exceptions. Even though it is an extremely small sample size I know a family that completely goes against the trend of authoritative be the best parenting style. In this family the parents were very strict (authoritarian) to the older siblings, while they were a little less strict (authoritative) to the younger siblings. Contrary to the trend of authoritative parenting being the best style, the children raised strictly (authoritarian) were betting behaving then their younger counterparts.

This is a very interesting topic as many of us will one day be parents. Of the three described styes, I believe that authoritative is the most effective but there are aspects of each that are promising. Hopefully I can figure out how to combine the three to be the best mom possible!

I think that the ways of parenting that we define as "good" or "best" can vary quite a bit depending on what we want the children to turn out like. Different people tend to want very different things from their kids. Unquestioning obedience isn't always the best thing for people to succeed in the real world, but a certain amount of discipline is certainly important.

An interesting blog. When we covered this section I kept thinking of my own upbringing. I feel that the middle ground is the best row to hoe. The individual child must be taken into account because one style will not work across the board. While I found learning about these various styles and theories interesting I truly believe it is something we as future parents will have to work out as we go along.

I'd have to agree with you and the research that shows authoritative parenting is the most effective way to raise a child. Without the actual experience of raising a child, I can only base that on what I have seen with friends and how they have evolved with different styles of parenting. I think authoritarian parenting can be especially harmful as kids enter college. I've heard many stories of kids who had no freedom growing up going crazy when they get into college, partying too much and even dropping out. Sometimes, if we haven't already experienced some levels of freedom, college and all the independence that comes along with it can be overwhelming and lead to a bad outcome.

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