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It is always hard to think where we will be in five years. Many things will change, from medicine to pop-culture. In five years I hope to be married to my fella and raising kids of my own, teaching them all sorts of things I have learned. When I look back on Psychology 1001 I will remember the "Rules of Attraction" including proximity , reciprocity, and similarity.
3._The_Lion_King_(1994)_(Platinum_Edition_2-Disc_DVD).jpg Although we may not realize it we were shown these ideas when we were little through Disney movies including The Lion King, Mulan, Beauty and the Beast, and The Aristocats. In each of the films the lead male character and the lead female character fall in love from being with one another for extended periods of time (proximity). They also find that they have more in common than first assumed (similarity) and do give compliments, words of encouragement and support throughout the films (reciprocity). Considering we have been exposed to these "Rules of Attraction" since we were little I believe it is safe to say that these will stick with me.
Just as I was exposed to these ideas I will expose my children to them. Not only are they great films but they carry ideas you can apply to your own life. I hope that my children will use these "rules" to find an excellent partner in their life time.


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You are right! We were exposed to these ideas since we were little kids! Not only Disney movies, but I guess all love stories show the "Rule of Attraction." I hope you and your children find excellent partners and live happily ever after!

The title of your blog caught my attention because i love Disney movies. Good idea of you to relate this psychology concept of relationship formation to childhood movies that we have all seen. I also wrote about the important elements of maintaining relationships as the thing that will stick with me the most from PSY 1001.

Its true we are taught a lot of life lessons through Disney movies! I really enjoy how much the movies incorporate good motives with healthy relationships. I can't wait to show my kids these movies someday!

Disney truly made films that EVERYONE will enjoy. They display natural themes that are seen in every different kind of films. They help teach our kids lessons that other films cant.

I love Disney movies and I grew up watching many of the classics. While many of the romantic relationships in those movies are based on similarity, proximity, and reciprocity, I don't believe that Disney movies portray realistic expectations of love. While not everyone is going to have a Cinderalla story, it's really interesting that you could connect a psychology topic to such well known children's movies.

I, like others, was drawn to your post because of the title. I never thought to apply the "rules of attraction" that we learned in psychology 1001 to a movie, let alone movies directed at children, such as Disney films. But after thinking about it, and analyzing the films and rules, you are absolutely right! The majority of Disney films do follow these simple rues of attraction, almost perfectly. I really enjoyed this post because it was unique and definitely applied the topics in class to real life. Nice job!

Good connections to Disney movies (could pick one to describe in more detail). These principles are everywhere.

Very interesting about the Disney movies! It was something that I always noticed but never tied to psychology. The rules of attraction do seem to be everywhere. I think I am going to watch Lion King now!

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