Does your attractiveness affect your Career and Relationships

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Could how you look be determining if you get the job? In recent studies about how attractiveness affects your career it was found that it is not just you that is getting the job it is also how you look. This is because employers want a good face associated with their company. According to Newsweek when it comes to getting hired in the first place 57% of managers say that an unattractive but qualified job candidate will have a hard time getting hired. Employers judge books by their covers they are blinded by what is sitting in front of them and sometimes do not even take a look at the actual job candidate's resume.jpg
The same goes for relationships we are told not to judge a book by its cover all the time but we still do it. However, this is not just the case within one race it covers all races. According to our Psych 1001 textbook if you ask a man of African American, Asian or Caucasian decent who they find more attractive they will tend to agree on the same person. Is there a way to change how people think and stop judging books by their covers or is this something that is going to be the same no matter how hard we try?


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Nice blog. Though I agree that this might be true, I don't view it as a serious problem in our society. It is a primitive instinct to associate with things that we are attracted to. If having an attractive negotiator is going to help a company become more profitable, then by all means they should hire an attractive negotiator. If this attractive person is not going to be as profitable, then the loss is on the company who made the decision to hire the person. There are many jobs that allow the applicant to be hired based on looks, because depending on how a candidate looks will effect the company's profitability.

Very interesting blog. Though it makes sense companies want attractive people to "represent" their company, I do not agree with this. Even though someone may be more attractive than someone else, this does not mean they have a better worth ethic. Now if the more attractive person also has a better work ethic, I would absolutely hire them. But basing who gets hired completely off of looks should be frowned upon and disrespectful.

This blog confronts a very common issue throughout our world today. It's sad that this is such a huge factor not only in society but in the business world. I would assume that company's would look further than looks to what the individual has to offer the company based on their talents and work experience. I feel like that is so superficial and not productive for the company at all.

I read this blog article interestingly, because I wrote the same topic a week ago. Actually my viewpoint was to go against the common assumption that physical attractiveness contributes a huge impact on Career. Actually, the individualistic nation like the US values on the performance of each individual, rather than physical attractiveness solely. Even an individual is not that attractive, he/she is more likely to get a change to be promoted.

This is a hot topic in today's society because many people today take advantage of their physical characteristics and attractiveness to get ahead in their fields. This advancement, however, comes at the expense of others who may or may not be harder workers. All in all a good post and a good topic to think about.

I think the physical appearance would not work every time to get a job. instead, it will work in certain situations such as when two possible employees have some qualities, education, and skills, the company is more likely to hire the person more attractive because I think it physical appearance is also considered as one of the important qualities. that is why people buy nice suits or dresses for job interviews and pay more attention the way they behave during interviews.

It's human nature to judge people and how they look, so this is never going to go away. What people need to consider is perhaps more of a logical balance of qualities and maybe even get 3rd party opinions. It makes sense for businesses to want an attractive face associated with them, even if that's not necessarily fair or ethical, so perhaps it should just be more about a wholistic review of the application. If qualifications are more important than looks, that could influence who they choose, and if looks are more important, then that company may have other priorities that aren't our own.

It's also important to realize how clothing, makeup, and simple body language can make a person seem more attractive to other people. I used to have problems with my self-esteem, which was not aided by the fact that guys never really seemed to like me as more than a friend. However, when I gained a whole bunch of confidence, it's amazing the response I started to get from guys. People can change how others view them, romantic partners and businesses included, through simple things like dressing for your body type and showing a little confidence.

This was a good post. I can understand the survey said that 57% of managers "say that an unattractive but qualified job candidate will have a hard time getting hired." However, I don't really agree that employers are blinded by what is in front of them, and that they sometimes don't even take a look at the candidate's resume. In order to get some type of interview, the employer had to look at a resume of the candidate. Unless that company is looking to give away as many jobs that they can without getting productivity in return, they will most certainly still be looking at credentials. I believe that employers discriminate based on looks; however, that is not the only criteria.

Why do you think people use attractiveness so much? Why is it so important?

Always an interesting topic to discuss, I think you're on the right path in your research. And i personally agree with what you're saying: attractiveness simply pulls people in. Obviously, someone shouldn't be hired based off their looks. But if two competent people are vying for the same position, why not hire the better looking person, simply for representation of the company. Although some people may not want to hear that, it is the truth in today's work force. Thought provoking blog!

My mom always told me you only get one chance at a first impression. According to your blog she is right. Employers do judge based on your looks, which isn't very fair at all. What are some good ways to get around this problem? Phone interviews?!

Interesting blog, I've learned in college that even businesses operate on an emotional level instead of purely logical. This shouldn't be a surprise however since humans work for companies and humans are emotional animals. While it may not be fair to judge someone based on their looks, the only advice I can offer is "tough".

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