Eating Disorder Causes a High Death Rate

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Eating disorder is big issue in my country, South Korea. Many young students try to be slim because all of celebrities in TV are really slim and look good. One of my friends has an eating disorder. Whenever she eats food, she vomits everything what she ate. Even though nobody says she is fat, she always has a pressure by herself that she has to keep her body slim like a movie star. Her parents have worried her and visited to a hospital with her regularly to treat her. Now, she gets treatment for her eating disorder from the hospital and getting better. According to the research from the July issue of Archives of General Psychiatry, eating disorder especially, anorexia nervosa (AN) causes high death rate. The interesting discovery is that death rates for depression and schizophrenia are lower than for AN. Of course, the authors admit that there are other factors which related to the increasing death rate. Furthermore, the researchers found that the patients who get AN when they were in 20s have more higher death rates than who get AN when they were in 30s.
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It is sad that so many people are affected by eating disorders. A common misconception is that only girls are affected by eating disorders, but this isn't true. Like you, I also have a friend who has suffered from an eating disorder but thankfully he sought help. I hope your friend finds the help and support necessary for her to heal herself. I hope as we learn more about these problems, and as they become more public that we, as the future, fix this by fixing our life models.

I don't think many people realize just how many people have eating disorders. Some people don't even realize they have them due to a traumatic event, etc. I never really thought about how this issue was shown in other countries though! I get why an eating disorder would decrease your life span. I mean you're ruining your body and it's not getting enough nutrients. It can damage your body for life.

This is a great thing for people out there today, especially women. I think if women knew what they were doing to their bodies, such as the women in your home country, I think they would act differently. It is eye-opening to see that research has been done to prove that eating disorders such as anorexia causes high death rates. Overall, it is horrible that people have these eating disorders, it is even worse that these unstable people have higher death rates.

I, too, have never thought about how eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa affects other countries. I wonder if it affects some countries more? It is is common that the women in Asian countries are generalized to be extremely skinny and I hope that it is not because they are suffering from an eating disorder. I also knew someone with an eating disorder, and unfortunately there is not a whole lot that we can do to help them except to always be supportive and try to continually boost their confidence about their bodies.

This is a sad situation. The fact that death rates are higher for AN than for depression and schizophrenia is striking; however, it makes perfect sense to me. People who suffer from eating disorder do not receive necessary nutrition that their body needs to function properly. There is no doubt that the lack of nutrients can permanently damage one's health and lead one to an early death.

The huge struggle that I see about eating disorders is that they are no different than alcoholism or a drug addiction. People know how bad these things are for their bodies but they have an emotional and physical connection to those habits that it makes quitting really hard. In the end anorexia causes heart failure in a similar way that alcoholics get liver disease or drug addicts overdoes or cause their body to shut down. I think the best way to help people with eating disorders is to get them clinical help and support them.

It's unfortunate that this is such a problem that is now widespread. I never even though that AN existed in other places but your blog definitely changed my perspective on that. I was also unaware of how serious it was including the death rates, both domestically and abroad. Overall, a very fascinating article.

Your statistic about people getting AN in their 20s and 30s is very interesting. What I would like to know more about is what the statistics are like for people who develop this in their early teens. I knew someone who developed AN between 5th and 6th grade because people told her she was fat. She attempted suicide TWICE during this time, and she wasn't even a teenager... Once someone gets into their 20s and 30s, people can't really force them to get help, but there is clearly a problem in our society when children and young teenagers develop this disease.

It is really surprising that anorexia nervosa has a high death rate compared to depression and schizophrenia. I feel like it's not talked about as much as depression. I usually associate depression with death more than AN. The high death rates for AN is a shocking statistic that isn't well-known enough to the general public.

Wow, such an eye-opening post. I have always known how deathly eating disorders can be, but never would have guessed that their death rates are higher than schizophrenia and depression. The different disorders affect so many people, and the biggest problem is people don't recognize, or ignore their friends and family members who are suffering. I also wonder if disorders prevail more in certain countries vs. other countries.

Its too bad that so many people think they have to go to such measures to become skinny. They are only endangering their own bodies and lives. There are so many ways to live a healthy life and look good while doing so.

Its too bad that so many people think they have to go to such measures to become skinny. They are only endangering their own bodies and lives. There are so many ways to live a healthy life and look good while doing so.

What are the deaths from? Why do you think the rates are higher? Do you think they are harder to treat than other disorders?

It's so depressing and sad that people go to such far measures to make themselves skinny. I was unaware of how eating disorders cause high death rates. Endangering your life just to become skinny is no where near okay. People need to accept who they are as a person and not go through such agony and pain.

It's so sad that people, especially such young people struggle with poor self-image and the desire to be thin. While some people who struggle with the disease were never called fat or bullied about their weight, it's shocking that they still developed the thought that their body wasn't attractive or thin enough. I hope your friend can beat this disease!

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