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One thing that I'll remember from this psychology course is how to better handle and acknowledge stress. Stress itself is hard to define, but it is typically used describes a negative concept that can have an impact on one's mental and physical well-being. As we all know college, and life in general, can create a great amount of stress that we need to properly manage in order to reach our full potential. This course taught me that stress can have lasting negative effects on both our physical and mental health.Some people turn to behaviors such as smoking, drinking too much, and over/under eating. These behaviors can obviously also be detrimental to health and put you at risks for diseases.Stress increases our risk for things such as cardiovascular disease, which still ranks as the number one killer in the United States.zen.jpg

I learned that much of our stress can be reduced through coping methods and with practice we can even learn to predict and prevent some stress. One method I use to deal with my stress is through exercise. Stress is always going to be around us, so the sooner we can learn to properly manage our stress levels the better. To learn more about healthy ways of coping with stress click here


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When I read Chapter 12 on stress, I also found it very interesting and relevant to our lives as college students. I could relate to all the issues of becoming stressed and the methods suggested for relieving stress and maintaining health. For example, I can recognize a change in my personal stress levels with different levels of exercise and with the way I eat. Being busy and not taking time to exercise contributes even more to my stress load and I have found it important to relieve as much stress as possible. Good job on this blog post!

Stress is a terrible thing. It makes us worry about things that can't be fixed or changed. Like stressing out about a test that you've studied for as best as you can. When stress comes over me, I just take deep breaths and think to my self, does this really matter? Normally, its just a small cog in my life. Knowing how to control stress is a key to an enhanced life, both physically and mentally.

I too am impressed by how psych 1001 has helped me deal with stress simply by educating me about it. I participated in a REP study that studied the effects of stress and stress management, and this was particularly helpful in applying to my everyday life.

I thought the stress section for our psych class was extremely interesting. I find that doing active things during the week helps me unwind and maintain my sanity. I wish we could've learned about stress in other cultures. I studied abroad in Spain, and everyone there is 100 times more laid back than here. I've never been told to relax and not worry so much. I feel that stress very much has a cultural aspect to that, and I wish we would've explored that more.

I find that I become less stressful when I have complete control of mostly everything. If I fail in something, I know that its my fault and I can change it. But if someone else causes a problem in your life, I feel that that draws the most stress.

I think this is a great topic because so many college students struggle so mightily with stress. I agree with your notion that stress is inevitable so I think that it is important that people know ways that they can reduce their stress. I looked up how to reduce stress and some of the top things that I found out you can do are meditate, take deep breaths and get a good nights sleep.

This is a particularly useful thing to understand for college students.

A little bit of stress seems to be healthy though. It can put just enough pressure on someone to actually finish what needs to be done. Stress can be deleterious to someones health in large amounts, but there are so many ways to relieve stress it seems like people shouldn't allow it to become such a large problem in their lives. I generally don't get stressed out ever unless my parents are around, and all it takes to relieve that is to get away for a few minutes and refresh myself.

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