Future of Love

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One topic of Psychology 1001 that I will remember most clearly five years from now is the portion about the formation of relationships, and how relationships between people last. It was interesting to me the three concepts of proximity, similarity, and reciprocity. Now that I have learned that these three elements are the main importances of building and keeping a relationship, it seems obvious. Proximity is the physical closeness that allows for people to meet and find interest, while similarity is the aspect that helps to maintain and grow a relationship. Reciprocity is the part that pushes a relationship deeper by building trust and intimacy between the two people.


This concept of psychology was intriguing to learn about because it is relevant to our lives as young adults and as college students. I feel as though this concept will continue to be important in my life in the next five or ten years as I graduate college and look to begin the next chapter of my life.

While many of the psychology topics were very interesting and relevant to my life such as the portions on sleep, stress, consciousness, and learning, this small concept on maintaining relationships stood out the most when looking back. Perhaps because meeting new people and building up these relationships has been such a significant part of being a freshman in college this past year. I look to the past with relevance to my newfound knowledge on relationship formation, as well as the future when meeting people will continue with equal if not more importance in my life.



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Haha. I also wrote about the three important principles in making a relationship. I hope you master this techniques and get your future partner. Oh. Don't forget to take her to an amusement park for a roller-coster

How will you use these principles specifically?

I thought about how you can use these principles to your advantage. Like being in many different clubs with increase the people you see which would increase the people close to your proximity. Liking many things would increase similarity with others. And being open to people would increase reciprocity. If you master all three, you might be able to choose your partner.

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