How easy it is to NOT mess up your kids.

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Thus far I feel that Psychology has been the only relevant class to my education and development as a human that I will use in real life. In five years I hope to possibly be starting a family and with this I will hope to remember a few things I learned in the unit of developmental psychology. Looking at the research done, I have learned that kids are much smarter than I previously believed them to be. After all, a baby in utero is habituated to recognize its mother's voice! happy family.jpg
When it comes to rearing a child, it's pretty difficult to 'mess up' a child. All kids really need is lots of love, some direction and support when needed and within reason and an outlet of creativity and energy. One does not need to be a superstar parent. Kids will develop at their own pace if you give them the resources and the room to develop. I hope to remember to keep a balanced, authoritative parenting style- a happy medium between authoritarian and permissive parenting styles.
Chapter 10 is what I hope to retain the most of from this semester of psychology. Although the development was described from conception to old age, the research done on children from birth to adolescence was the most fascinating to me. Although the things described above are intuitive for most people, it is incredibly important that not only nature, but nurture plays a vital role in the development of a healthy, functional individual.


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This is good that you got this out of the class! I feel the same way, when I have kids I am going to use the authoritative parenting style as well.

This is a very interesting blog. What is the best parenting style is always a controversial topic. I agree with you that authoritative parenting style is the best way. It is a good choose to let children follow some rules and be strict sometimes but give them some space to be who they want to be as well.

Just love them and give them some rules and most kids do fine. There are many ways to success.

Interesting topic, going off of what I said in another blog, I hold the opinion that as long as children aren't in a harmful environment, either psychologically or physically, that any parenting style is sufficient. I think some people are too worried about parenting the "right" way.

I agree with the things that you said. One of my big pet peeves is seeing parents in my community that clearly are doing a poor job in raising there children. I feel like if a parent is so strict and never wants their child to mess up, that they won't ever be able to develop the parental/child bond and have an open relationship where the child knows that they can come to them for whatever it may be. I plan on being a supporter of my child and letting them experience the world for themselves while being guided by the morals that I think are necessary for being an all around respectable person.

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