Is Samantha Brick "Too Beautiful" or "Just Average"?

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The outraged and comical responses to Samantha Brick's blog "There are downsides to looking this Pretty: Why Women Hate Me for Being Beautiful", just about broke the internet. In the blog, the French freelance writer claims to have received various gifts from males strangers, and to have been shunned from females who were friends and coworkers who were just flat out jealous of her looks.

In our PSY 1001 teachings on physical attractiveness, we have learned that while symmetry has proven to be a main contributor to attractiveness, as it provides a sense of health and 'good genes' to the onlooker, further studies also show that people are more attracted to just 'plain average' symmetric faces - as well as 'just average' pets and objects.

Our book also discussed a study of speed dating, when men and women interact with potential dates for a mere three minutes. When all was said and done, men chose to have further contact with 50% of the women they met, whereas women were more decidedly pickier, selecting just 30% of the men to meet again.

Therefore the problem with Mrs. Brick's claims is that she is forgetting to rule out rival hypotheses. The fact that men open doors for her, buy her drinks, even full bottles of champaign could merely mean that she is in the top 50% of attractive females that these men encounter. I don't know if that makes her "too beautiful" or "just average". Given her 40+ years of age, chance offers an explanation for some of the gifts offered to her by men.

Women are not just picky about looks of the opposite sex, we are known to be picky of one another. Although Brick's claims that she is " not smug" and is "not a flirt", the fact that she does not further examine her personality as the possible problematic context and rather uses every piece of 'evidence' to support her claim could be considered confirmation bias. It would have been interesting to see what some of the 'jealous females' would have to say either prior to her writing the blog or in response. The way Mrs. Brick acts around men or in response to male attention could be an indicator of how she is being treated by other women. This is just one possibly theory out of many.

To Samantha Brick. please think before you speak. There is usually a lot of grey connecting the black and the white.

Read the blog: 'There are downsides to looking this pretty': Why women hate me for being beautiful visit:


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This is an interesting piece. At first thought, one does not think that the most average looking person would be the most attractive, but it just happens to be so. I would be interested in possibly seeing an interview with Samantha Brick. Only so much can be observed from a blog.

Another problem that could be found with Samantha Brick's claim is that of her constant use of anecdotal evidence. Each experience she portrays is a personal one that she has a story about. This could be considered bias. Nonetheless, I would also have to say that I think the blog was overreacted to and taken out of context.

Interesting example. You wonder how much her position, culture, and personality play a role in her attractiveness to men. Be sure to use the link function to make your link clickable.

From my 20 years of experience as a female, I've found that the girls that don't have a lot of girlfriends and lots of guys friends generally have an unpleasant personality, or at least towards girls. Samantha Brick also seems to be fairly successful, and although women, generally speaking, consider the income of possible partners more than men, I think that a there are a good number of men who consider the income of women important or a contributing fact. I find a person more attractive if they are successful and have something going for them. I'm sure this is the general consensus for most. I don't doubt that there are people that are to some extent jealous of Mrs. Brick, however I do not find that as a reasonable excuse for not being able to maintain friendships of the same sex. She also just seems like a narcissistic, self-centered, arrogant individual. It would probably benefit her if all were to ignore here egocentric rants, and to be honest, giving her attention is just encouraging her behavior.

This is an interesting article. It's difficult to tell if she is completely serious or if there is a little humor in what she claims. I do believe that because men are less picky than women, and perhaps this could be one of the causes of her claims but there is perhaps multiple variables that have led to this woman's romantic egoism.

I definitely think you're spot on with your analysis of Mrs. Brick's personality. I think you would find most women of above average attractiveness will have experienced many of the same things she has especially by the time they're 40. Personally I find Mrs. Brick of average attractiveness but that's just my opinion.

I don't know if I agree with your interpretation of the speed dating statistics given from our book. The fact that men respond to 50% of the women they encountered doesn't mean these women were only in the top 50% of attractive females.

Personally, I think Ms. Brick brings up an interesting point. When I was friends with my ex, I was much more jealous when he hung out with attractive women as opposed to less attractive women (according to my own standards of course). Granted I can't necessarily speak for other women, but I as a woman feel more threatened by attractive women BECAUSE men do place a higher premium on looks.

I think the point of her blog that sparked such chaos was her claiming to be a beautiful woman and citing all these examples of her consequent interactions with men and women. It wasn't humble by any means, and I think people are prone to pounce on those who publicly admit anything sounding vain, conceited, etc... Ms. Brick is certainly attractive by many standards, although I wouldn't say she's my type.

Another reason why some women might have more guyfriends than girlfriends might also be because they can't stand the drama of girls. I am a very agreeable, conscientous person, and I have many girlfriends. However, I have more guyfriends.

I think the very fact that she would write a blog about how beautiful she thinks she is says something important about the kind of personality she has. I agree that she definitely may have driven away female friends that she had. Her superior thinking might have been the catalyst for that. As for the male strangers giving her gifts, the may not have had enough time to get to know her. The gifts could have been things that these men just didn't want and gave to the first female they saw. There are plenty of alternate hypotheses that could explain what is going on in her life and being "too beautiful" is merely one of those.

I find it interesting how much publicity this blog has stirred up, and I believe it reflects a lot about our culture and the emphasis we put on beauty. Would she be getting this much attention if she had claimed to be "too nice" or "too funny" or "too caring"? Beauty is something we Americans hold near and dear to our hearts and are inconstantly debate over others physical appearances. I guess if you want attention simply say your good looking and you will have plenty of opinions.

It's so interesting how when all of her friends drew away, she automatically assumed it must be because of her good looks. This article is very interesting and a perfect example of this area of the chapter. It blew me away how true it was that the more average looking people are, the more attractive they are. I had never thought of average as a very positive perspective on looks, especially not directly associated with "beautiful." Clearly Brink is a perfect example of the psyche behind people that have complexes about their looks!

I think it is outrageous that anyone could actually write this about themselves. I'm glad you brought up this topic; it was a very good post. I'm sure the reason that all of her friends were drawn away from her was because she was so conceited and full of herself. It makes sense that some women feel like they are always receiving the attention, and now I understand that its most likely because men tend to be more open to women on a scale of attractiveness.

I really liked your post and totally agree with you when you talk about how Brink may be behaving differently to attract the attention from men and women. I definitely agree with you to think there are other factors at bay if she really is getting all the attention and it is not all because of her attractivness.

This was an interesting blog to read. I had not heard of this instance before so I wanted to look a bit further into it. After seeing more about it I am curious as to how much of her "attractiveness" to men is he fame and fortune. As a successful woman in her forties it is feasible that her money is more of an attraction than her actual looks.

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