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Should homosexual couples have the same rights to marriage as heterosexual couples? This question has been an ongoing controversial topic for decades. Many opposes of the issue feel that allowing same sex marriage would weaken the definition of marriage and from a religious perspective it is wrong because it's considered a sin. Opposes often assume same sex couples would be unfit parents because they would confuse the child's gender roles and society expectations. Also, it has been heard of for opposes calling homosexuals diseased or perverts because they believe they choose to take on this lifestyle. There are several reasons why same-sex couples should be given the same rights as heterosexual couples.
In actuality, those religious folks who attack this topic due to the Bible calling this a sin are hypocritical. If you were to pull out your common Bible, you could see that although Leviticus (18:22 and 20:13) implied "man shall not lie with man," he also said it was a sin to eat shellfish, to eat pork, to wear mixed fabrics, and for men to have sexual intercourse with their wives within seven days of their menstrual cycle. I think the majority of these religious opposes have done one of these doings at one point in their life. Therefore, they are just as much sinners as any homosexual. This makes the fact that the Bible says homosexuality is a sin an invalid argument against same sex marriage.
The idea that homosexual adults aren't as fit to raise a child as heterosexual adults is a common myth. "Homosexual and heterosexual adults don't differ in their approach to parenting and are equally likely to provide supportive environments for their children (Scott Liienfeld, Steven Lynn, Laura Namy; pg 440). Also, since homosexual couples cannot reproduce they usually turn to adopting children. Gary Gates, a UCLA demographer who studies gays and lesbians analyzed 2000 Census data and estimates that about 250,000 children are being raised by same-sex couples and that 5% of those children, or 12,500, were adopted. Homosexual couples increase the number of children adopted each year by giving them loving homes. Therefore, same sex couples have a positive effect on child adoption.
It has been theorized that homosexuality is genetic. This theory is that girls who are exposed to a large amount of testosterone in the womb develop masculinized brains, and boys exposed to a small amount of testosterone develop feminized brains (Scott Liienfeld, Steven Lynn, Laura Namy; pg. 441). Because this is a theory, it actually hasn't been scientifically proven that homosexuality is genetic. This may not be a fact but there are thousands of reports from gays and lesbians saying they knew what their sexual orientation was from a very young age.
Homosexuality is an openly accepted lifestyle in the world we live in today. Actually, according to a poll was conducted in February 2012 found that 40 percent of respondents supported same-sex marriage, while 23 percent supported civil unions for gay couples. These people realize that a same sex marriage is good as any other and that it has absolutely no effect on anyone else's life. The facts are that denying any same sex couple from marriage is a violation of religious freedom. Denying them marriage is a form of minority discrimination. Finally, the only thing that should truly matter in a marriage is love. Same sex couples deserve the same rights to marriage as heterosexual couples because love is love.

Here's a touching pro same sex marriage commercial.


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This is a great neutral take on a very controversial topic. I feel that it is no ones business whether or not homosexuals are married or not. The reason that I feel this way is that there is simply nothing bad that can come from homosexual's becoming married. Though it may go against what the bible says, I feel that rejecting homosexuals in our society would also contradict what the bible is attempting to preach.

Hypocrisy is extremely widespread and commonly practice, especially among some of those most 'Christian' (I'm sure the same goes for any religious person of any religion, but obviously the majority of those I know are of some form of Christianity). However, I have an interesting question for all those who aren't homophobic. I recall seeing a while back on TV that someone asked Porsha, or whatever the name of Ellen Degeneres's wife name is, why do same-sex couples need marriage, why isn't civil unions enough? And her response was that civil unions sre not equal to marriage. They do not come with all the same benefits. I think Porsha made a valid point that civil unions are not equal to marriage, but to play devil's advocate, why not have something equal to marriage such as a 'civil union' that comese with all the benefits of marriage? While same-sex couples could get the same rights as heterosexual couples through marriage, would they not just be assimilating to a system that is oppressive?

Would in utero hormones necessarily be genetic? Couldn't that be considered environmental? Be sure to use the link function to make your links clickable.

This blog offers a great look at the same-sex marriage topic. In addressing the examples from the Bible, I am in a World of the Bible class and we just spent a week talking about sex, and Leviticus played a large part in our research. Even though it says "[a] man shall not lie down with another man" it doesn't mean that "lie down" always means sex. We learned that when someone "lies with their fathers" it means they were buried with their ancestors. I think people immediately read what they want to read instead of taking a deeper look.

This post offers good information about the debate over homosexual marriage. In response to the argument that homosexual parents will confuse the child's gender roles: wouldn't having a stay at home dad, and a working mother also break typical gender roles in the home? This is a very important debate and it is also important to look at gender stereotypes and discrimination whille discussing this topic.

Great blog about the heated debate of homosexual marriage. Everyone should have the same rights if they are homosexual or not. People should not be punished for what they believe in. This is a free country and everyone should be accepted for who they are and not for what they believe in. Though many people will say homosexuality is not right because it is against what the bible says, but everyone has different perspectives on religion as well.

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