Proximity is the most significant!

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I have learned many different concepts from PSY 1001 class. However, the most significant concept is physical attraction because it relates to my current situation. According to the Attraction and Relationships article, there are different social attitudes such as, proximity, similarity, and physical attraction. I believe proximity is the most important factor in keeping a relationship prosperous. Currently, I am in a long distance relationship with my girlfriend. My girlfriend and I have known each other for four months, and have started a long distance relationship. Due to our academic studies abroad, we cannot see each other; therefore we use Skype and Facetime to keep in touch. Because of the 13-hour time difference, it is difficult to meet. For example, she would prepare for school while I prepare for bed.

According to the article, proximity causes attraction. Proximity portrays a type of connection between people but it also connects with the concept of the "Pavlovian" condition. As my opportunity to meet my girlfriend decreases, I would lose my interest with her, and in worse case, our relationship would cease to exist. Although meeting during the night or the early morning, there is too much of a gap in our relationship. Rather than having a relationship through cyberspace, I would wish for more of a physical relationship with her. Since it is not possible right now, my loneliness would only increase as the days goes by. Although, I really love my girlfriend, but if I knew about this concept before we started the relationship, I would not have started anything. In conclusion, this article has shown me attitudes toward having a real relationship and how it can be affected by the physical connection, we would call, "proximity". To read the article, Click here


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I wrote about relationships also for what I will remember most about this Psychology class. It is interesting to a hear a real story about a relationship that does not have the important element of proximity. Proximity is important to meet people and begin relationships, but as you demonstrated it may also be important and necessary for maintaining and continuing these relationships. Good luck!

I had a long term relationship as well and it really is hard to maintain. But, I don't feel like it is the most important thing to a relationship. I feel that reciprocity is the most influential thing to relationship success. We all have to give and take for our lovers to get what we both want to keep us both happy!

I also believe that to keep a long term relationship, you need to have reasonable proximity. But I also believe that in certain cases, relationships can last without proximity. Look at the wives who are married to men in the army. They have to go long amounts of time without seeing their spouses. Even though some of those relationships don't last, many do.

Tell us what the article you linked is... So do you think you will continue your relationship?

Of course, I will continue the relationship with my girlfriend. The article talk about the attraction and relationship. Briefly, Elena Pezzini, the writer, explains how relationship starts with attraction, and what the proximity, physical attraction, and similarity-dissimilarity effect are. Thank you!

I used to say that I wouldn't date someone that has different area code with me then my girl had to move away for school. I am actually finding long distance relationship to work for us. We were boyfriend/girlfriend before she left now we are engaged to be married

One key important thing I see that help in our long distance relationship is completely supporting one another. The biggest thing is to be going through something while you are away and your partner is not backing you up. We find it so difficult nowadays for people believe in long distance or difficult for others to cope with it since they don’t know what to do. We even started our own site as part of our way to cope with relationship.

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