Psychoanalysis: A Theory That Stays

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Five years from now, I will remember the concepts of Freud and psychoanalysis. Since Sigmund Freud first developed his theories in the early 20th century, his ideas are still seen as out of the ordinary today, which makes them so memorable. Freud's odd fascination with the unconscious desires of humans made him become one of the most influential men in psychology of all time.
According to psychic determinism, all our psychological events are caused by a deeper meaning within ourselves. Other key characteristics of psychoanalysis like symbolic meaning and unconscious motivation also try to explain our actions and thoughts as results of an inner conflict of which we are unaware of. The most controversial aspect of Freud's theory is his model of psychosexual development. This model demonstrates the stages of growth of children by achieving sexual pleasure through different sources at different ages. about_therapy_psychoanalytic.jpgThrough all these radical concepts, Freud was able to shake up all aspects of psychology and open doors to the study of the unconscious human mind. However, as a college student, these kinds of ideas are what stick out to me and is why I will remember Freud's theories in five years. Out of the ordinary lessons like these make psychology interesting and fun to learn. For more in-depth information about pyschoanalysis, try this interesting site.

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What do most psychologists think of Freud now though?

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