Sleep Is Everything

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After everything I have learned throughout Psychology, the one concept that will stick with me most is the concept of sleep. The idea of sleep may seem simple and self-explanitory but people (including myself) underestimate the importance of sleep. Sleeping is one of the most important aspects of life, After a good night's sleep you feel better, your thoughts are clearer, and your emotions are less fragile. Without adequate sleep, judgment, mood, and ability to learn and retain information are weakened. I have learned this already in college and have seen the effects of sleep reflect in my grades. I wonder if scientists will discover the exact scientific reasoning behind why sleep is so important in our lives. I will always remember how important sleep is and make sure to get the suggested amount of sleep so I can receive the healthy amount of REM sleep I need in order to be healthy. Another thing I wonder is if all people have the same sleeping cycles at night. Overall, it is important for everyone to get the suggested amount of sleep each night and be consistent. For more information on why sleep is important click here. trytogetmoresleepandworkharder.jpg


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This blog is interest. As a college stduent, I often have not enough sleep, especially before the midterms and finals. Even though I have more time to study as I sleep less, scores doen't get better.
As I now learned the importance of sleep, I would not stay up all night before the exams!!

I have always been told to sleep enough, but like many things in life, I had to learn it the hard way. I believe that this is a lesson many students need to learn on their own instead of just being told. Sleep not only feels good but it is extremely important for your well being! The lessons we learn now, like this one, need to stick with us!

I actually have experimented with nearly the opposite this semester. I saw that circadian rhythms may differ innately from person to person. I have found that both a 30-hour and a 36-hour schedule work for me. I feel better staying awake for 20 or 24 hours then sleeping for ten or twelve hours respectively.

I tried da Vinci's method a while back after seeing an episode of Seinfeld. I was taking multiple naps throughout the day instead of the 8 hours at night. I had my sleep down to three naps a day at one point. I slept about four hours a day between two long naps and a short one. After a few days at four hours a day, I started losing weight, so I stopped this one. The 30-hour rhythm is working out for me right now though.

Sleep is extremely important to our well-beings. As many other people, I had experience of staying up late studying for midterms/finals. As the result, my grades were good but not as good as I wanted them to be. So I changed the way I was approaching studying for exams. I distribute my workload a week or two before exams. Furthermore, I make sure to sleep enough every night. In the end, my grades got better and I got more energy during the day.

Sleep is important to our health. Like everyone else, I don't get enough sleep every night, which affects me the next day. There's been many instances this year when I don't get enough sleep and I end up falling asleep in class or I'm too tired and I don't retain any information from class. I've learned that sleep is extremely important and it affects our everyday behavior and health.

Does it seem like chronic sleep deprivation affects your grades or even acute?

I found that me reading this article at 2 in the morning pretty ironic. I agree that sleep is very important but I can't figure out why some people need more sleep than others. My roommate sleeps around 6-7 hours per night and never takes naps. I need a good 9-10 hours to be fully functioning the next day. I wish I didn't need sleep so much because I could get a lot more accomplished!

Interesting blog, I wonder if the number of calories expended throughout the day has anything to do with the amount of sleep needed. I know that for me, the amount of sleep I need to feel refreshed goes against common logic. If for example I don't do very much during the day, I sleep in later than I would have if I had been active the previous day.

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