The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From the Tree

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Thinking about children's attitudes towards life can be a touchy subject for some people because it is all stemmed back to which parenting style was used with them. Although that is not the first explanation that comes to mind about a devious child, that is usually a good explanation why they are the way they are. A common argument might be is it's the child's fault that they don't listen to punishment and rebel from parents but according to Diana Baumrind's work on the major parenting styles it is due to how the parents raise their children. It would be useful for a parent raising children to know how each of the three affects the child's attitude. According to an online article,, the outcomes that go along with these parenting styles are: 1. Authoritative has a firm set of rules but very forgiving punishments that create well behaved children that tend to be emotionally happy and capable of thinking on their own to make good decisions. 2. Authoritarian is very strict with rules and punishments. Their children tend to be relatively well behaved, possess inferior social skills and suffer from depression and anxiety. 3. Permissive is very laid back with rules and punishments. Their children tend to have higher self-esteem and lower depression and anxiety. They also are more likely to become involved with drugs and perform poorly in school.
parenting-style.jpgParents should be aware of the general outcomes of children due to their parenting techniques because they will help the child, themselves and everyone involved with the child's lives easier. They should know what happens generally with each type of parenting and should plan accordingly.

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The results of this study are interesting, although they make a lot of sense. Finding a middle ground between punishment and giving leeway is very important for parents and often shapes children's behavior in the future. These studies can't simply be taken as fact, however, because nature still needs to be factored into the results.

This is informative because we, almost all of us, will become a parent of a child, and we will be contemplating how to raise a child. I think I will try to be a parent, who balance between "Authoritarian" style and "Permissive" style. Enforcing only one type of parenting style would not be appropriate because it has side effects. Therefore, I will be strict on specific subjects but permissive on different subjects.

I feel that authoritative parenting technique is clearly superior to the other ways of teaching a developing child. A parent needs to direct a child exactly what is right and wrong. The child should be greatly rewarded for a good deed or good thing. However, when a child does something wrong, the parent needs to be there to look the child in the eyes and say, this is not okay, then let the kid go about his normal activities. The other techniques are the extremes of authoritative technique.

This information seems very helpful for future parents. However, looking at how my parents raised myself and my three siblings these three types of parenting can't be applied to every child. My brother, a troublemaker, clearly needs more of the authoritarian parenting than my sisters and I needed. I believe that these three suggestions are good places to start, and decide how you want to parent your child, but I believe that as the child grows the parent needs to change their style bit by bit.

This information makes total sense! Future parents should definitely read articles/blogs like this. I think different types of of children need different types of discipline. For example, my older sister was the rebel and is much more outspoken and outgoing then me. My parents would definitely give her a harsher punishment then if I did the same thing because yelling at her for example would be less effective on me than on her.

Your article really made sense of the different parenting styles. While not all the results of children from the parenting styles will be the same, I believe it provides a good ground work for parents to evaluate what kind of style they have, or for future parents to evaluate what kind of parenting style they want to have.

It is very interesting to examine the different parenting styles and see how they generally affect children's behavoir and performance in the future. However, I'm more interested in how a child's personality comes into the equation. I am the oldest of 3 children, and me and my siblings have radically different personalities. I would say my parents were more authoritative, which worked well for me seeing as I was a very shy, quiet child. My brother, however, was incredibly stubborn and ornery, and I would say my parents' punishments were quite less effective on him.

I agree 100% about the effects of parenting on children. but I think that other factors could have greater impacts on children such as traumatic events or close friends' behaviors. I also think that there should be way more than three parenting skills to raise all different kinds of children.

Should parenting be so passive? Can't we choose our parenting style? Knowing the outcomes, which style should parents choose?

This blog would be really useful for my futurue use. Since we all are going to marry and will have children. As children behavior is significantly related to the way of parenting, it is important to know these 3-styels and use them properly in order to raise children successfully.

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