The Key to Our Success-Personality!

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Psychology has such a wide variety of topics that it covers, ranging from a biological standpoint to a social psychological standpoint. I've learned so many things that I had never even heard of before taking this course. All of the behaviors and learning techniques were fascinating to say the least. There was one topic, however, that sparked my interest completely. That topic was Personality. Personality is such a unique thing, and by being able to quantify it into surveys and traits is amazing, and can help every single person understand themselves and the people that surround them better than they ever could imagine.

Looking more closely into the personality aspect of psychology, I believe that the "Big 5" character traits will stick with me the most as I continue on. Jeff Simpson lectured us and gave us the opportunity to explore ourselves by taking the Berkeley personality profile test. This test revealed a persons degree to which they were extroverted, agreeable, conscientious, neurotic, and open to new experiences. I feel that it is extremely helpful to know which qualities are most prominent and most lacking within us, because it helps to understand why we do the things that we do. One can grasp their actions and emotions by accepting these traits, and eventually use them to their benefit.


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I agree that this is a very interesting topic! It is definitely one of the ones I will remember for a while. It was interesting to see how I scored on the BPP. It made complete sense when comparing it to how I act. It is similar to the strengths quest that we took in the beginning of the school year. I find it so interesting how psychologists can determine personalities fairly accurately from multiple choice tests.

It's astonishing that psychologists have narrowed down personality to 5 simple character traits that accurately depict (to an extent) a person's personality. My scores on the BPP matched the way I act and I totally expected it to. At my age, I already have a fair sense of what my personality is like and how I would probably score for each character trait. I agree that understanding your personality can help you in the future. It gives you a sense of what you like/dislike and possibly what type of career you're interested in.

Do you think that people take their knowledge of what they think their personality is to determine their answers on the test or that they answer and then learn about their personality?

Interesting topic, I'll definitely keep the knowledge I learned about personality with me for a long time. I was also surprised at the similarities in how I scored on the BPP and how I act in general. I think the more you understand yourself the better off you are.

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