The Reasons as to Why People Become Addicted

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I have learned a lot of good information this semester about psychology and why we do the things that we do as humans. The most interesting though, in my mind, was about drugs and consciousness. I have always been a person to judge those who use and abuse drugs, but this subject matter has helped to open my mind and expand my knowledge on why people become addicted and dependent on drugs. After reading about physical dependence and psychological dependence in chapter five I started to really understand what happened in the minds of individuals with substance abuse. Table 5.4 in our book further described to me that a maladaptive pattern of substance use, leading to clinically significant impairment or distress, needs to be manifested by at least three of the following (in the same 12-month period):

1. Tolerance
2. Withdrawal
3. Substance is taken in larger amounts
4. Persistent desire to cut down use
5. Time spent on activities necessary to obtain the substance
6. Social life impaired in some way
7. Substance use is continued despite knowledge of having an issue

After reading through this, I discovered that I have been naive in understanding why people are addicted to drugs and other things that are a threat to their bodies.

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So why do people become addicted? This list is what is necessary to be considered an addiction, but are they the causes?

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