What are the real effects of alcohol?

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The area of psychology that I believe will prove to be most useful for me in my future is the effect of alcohol on the human brain and also the lasting implications that go along with alcoholism. After reading about the effects that alcohol has on the brain I have enough knowledge to make an informed decision on how much to drink or even whether to drink at all. Some of the immediate effects of alcohol on the brain are sleepiness, slower thinking, and impaired concentration. Knowing that these effects will result from drinking alcohol will help me to judge whether a certain time or place is appropriate to drink. functioningalcoholicbusinessman.jpg
Also knowing that alcoholism has many negative long-term effects will further prepare me to good decisions with regards to alcohol. One of the serious long-term effects of alcohol is liver cirrhosis of the liver. In conclusion I believe that the knowledge that I have gained on the short and long-term effects alcohol has on the brain will ultimately prove to be very valuable in my future when deciding whether or not to drink.
If this topic interests you than I suggest that you read this and this


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Very true. I will remember this knowledge from psychology now and in the next few years of my life because it is relevant to our age and how prominent drinking is as a weekend activity. It is interesting that drinking alcohol interrupts our sleep patterns (I had not heard this before) and it of course negatively affects the brain and the liver.

Is your last sentence of the blog supposed to have links in it? I would be interested in reading them. I find this topic intriguing because it seems many college students that consume alcohol seem to use it as an aid in becoming more extroverted while alcohol is in fact a depressant.

I have never heard that alcohol interrupts our sleeping patterns. That is very interesting! Sadly, I think that even after reading about the short and long term effects of alcohol (there are brochures in my dining hall on every table), underage teens will still choose to drink. You, however, are different and I applaud your decision!

Knowledge is always necessary to make an informed decision and the one that is right for you. There is always new information to be learned about the many effects alcohol has on our bodies.

The consequences of alcohol is a very interesting subject. One subset of this that particularly interests me is Fetal alcohol syndrome. It's highly important that we educate ourselves about this debilitating problem lest it occur in our futures.

This information seems like it needs to be shared with the rest of the public. I never understood why colleges offer classes on alcohol and drinking because I thought that everyone understood what alcohol could do to the brain. However, there were things that I didn't even know about alcohol such as the fact that it interrupts sleeping and slower thinking. After I realized that there were other damages from alcohol, I know that it is very important that we get this information to the rest of the public.

I agree that the section on alcohol was very informative and a good section for all college students to read. It is very upsetting how so many college students can succumb to alcohol abuse and some become addicted without realizing the affects alcohol can have on your brain and body. I also know that alcohol affects the amount of neurons in the brain, decreasing them with the more alcohol intake. I have always wondered if some amount of alcohol are good for the brain though, as it could kill off neurons that are just causing extra noise in the brain...just something to ponder.

There are pros and cons to drinking. Pros, getting sloppy is fun. Cons, there will be negative effects on your liver when your older and you run the risk of getting heart disease and other diseases. I just feel like so many other things can increase your risk of getting diseases but nothing else gets you sloppy.

Good blog! Especially in our college years alcohol is an "issue" that comes up time and time again. However, I think that it is only an issue if one is not a controlled drinker and drinks in excessive amounts consistently. But I do believe that alcohol affects your sleeping pattern as it never seems that you can get enough sleep after drinking the night before. And from personal experience, I feel tired throughout the whole day.

Studies of alcohol and the causes and effects of alcoholism are very interesting. More and more people are becoming aware of the hazards of activities associated with alcohol. While drinking is a socially acceptable behavior in some cases, it is up to the individual to determine if they should or shouldn't participate. Especially when they can think of the dangerous and harmful effects it could have in the future.

Article links are missing... Do you think that alcohol should be legal based on the risks?

I agree with most everything you comment on in this blog. I think alcohol consumption is also different for every person, and some might have to be more careful than others. We're all in for a good time, but clearly we need to take all these facts into consideration!

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