What Controls Our Minds?

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The concept that I still cannot seem to get my head around is the control the unconscious mind has over us. Even when we truly believe that we are consciously making decisions, we are not. A recent PSY 1001 student blog post "Wait, I Thought What" highlights this phenomenon. In the blog the student discusses taking a test regarding laundry soap. She specifically chose answers that were unfavorable, as she had an unfavorable rapport with the laundry soup. However, the results showed that the student "showed little or no opinion" towards the laundry soap (http://blog.lib.umn.edu/meyer769/psy_1001/2012/04/wait-i-thought-that.html#comment-16552222).

How does this happen? I have always believed in the controlling of thoughts, decisions, and mentality in order to obtain a productive and mentally healthy life. While this concept could still hold true in some situations, the fact is our minds control us. Although it makes complete sense, to think about it and give acknowledgment to the rank of biology over individuality it is bit disturbing to me. If we're not fully aware of why we are making certain decisions, how are we supposed to improve certain aspects of our well being? How does our unconscious mind make decisions? What influences the unconscious and how can you alter its influences? Also, does the unconscious affect the nature verses nurture debate?

For years to come I will be wondering what led me to make certain decisions, and which I made without awareness. It's just an odd reality that I may never get used to.


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Yes. This idea also baffled me when I learn it in Psychology class. There are many theory of mind, but one of the theory said that we try to find answers about what already happened or did, and we try to understand them by rationalizing it. However, it is also a little bit disturbing that what we have no control over what we unconsciously do.

The complexity of human brain and thoughts is astonishing. I have wondered about my thoughts too, how did they came about? Do I really have control of what I think or do I think I do when I'm actually not in control? I think I will write a blog about that tonight.

Do you think it matters whether we are consciously making decisions of unconsciously? It is still us making the decisions...

I have been thinking about this topic throughout the term too. It is hard to tell when we are consciously making decisions and when are minds or others are deceiving us. The way that false memories can affect what we think has happened is also very shocking.

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