Beauty and the Beast?!

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Five years seems like such a long time, but it'll be here before you know it! Many things will be different from advances in technology to the way everyday life is lived. Technology might take over every aspect of life, however relationships will still remain "old-fashioned". Five years from now, when I look back at Psychology 1001, I will remember the "Rules of attraction" which are the basis for relationships. These rules include: proximity, reciprocity, and similarity.
Looking at the Disney movie Beauty and the Beast, we see that these rules apply perfectly. In this movie, the lead male character and the lead female character fall in love from being with one another for extended periods of time (proximity). They also find that they have more in common than first assumed (similarity) and do give compliments, words of encouragement and support throughout the films (reciprocity). Considering that I grew up watching this film, it's safe to say that the "Rules of attraction" will stick with me.

Overall, it's safe to say that other aspects of psychology may change, however the premise relationships are built off of will not. For a relationship to last forever, proximity, reciprocity, and similarity are necessary.


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You make a good point with the rules of attraction and applying them to popular culture, it's really neat how the rules of attraction seem to be universally applicable and fit a variety of situations.

This is a perfect example of the rules of attraction in psychology! I would never think of this movie as an example! However, it does somewhat contradict the rule of how good-looking a person is. The Beast is attracted to Belle for her beauty (as well as brains) but Belle is attracted to the Beast in all the other ways but the rule of how good looking a person is. I'm pretty sure that's a good thing though. Oh Disney movies!

Very good connection of the rules of attraction with Beauty and the Beast! I'm impressed. I agree with what you said. A lot may change in five years, and even more will change in twenty years, but the rules of attraction will never change. I think it is a worthwhile concept to remember because it can come in handy at any point in life.

I completely agree with this. Throughout my life I noticed that many people become in relationships with people near them and have similar hobbies. Even having last names that start with the same letter helps.

I totally agree with this blog! In my experience, I have realized that I should concern the "proximity" because I am doing long distance relationship. I and my girlfriend could meet three months a year because I study in the USA. I am worrying our relationship everyday. I should have known the proximity before I met her. Even though she is worthy and valuable to wait, it is really difficult.

I was really interested by the rules of attraction. If you think about it, earlier on in life we always began relationships based off of the looks of an individual and maybe some of you as well as myself would later find out that the person you are with isn't your type at all. When it comes to finding the person that is really right for you I think people need to be more open minded and look around when they are at events that interest them because you never know if your soul mate is sitting right next to you.

I really enjoyed this blog post. It combined nostalgic past memories with valuable psychology knowledge that we discussed this year. I definitely agree with the idea that these three rules for attraction-proximity, reciprocity and similarity will be around forever, because they always have been. You wonder though, if there will ever be actual research done on the opposites attract theory and maybe there already is, but it definitely seems likely that in 5 years, these rules will still be plausible ones.

I completely agree with you that the factors of attraction will be exactly the same five years from now as they are today. I will challenge you with this question: Will the factors of attraction change 1000 years from now? Specifically with regards to proximity. I believe that proximity will gradually play less and less of a role in attraction because humans are continually making strides in technology that reduce the time that it takes us travel great distances.

Good application of the rules of attraction.

I find it interesting that we almost nearly know these rules innately. And by that I mean that most love stories in books and on tv or in movies have characters whose relationships include all three rules. I kind of doubt that the writers of these media were intimately knowledgeable about the rules of attraction, but I would believe that they just instinctually know that these are all important for a relationship to be successful. I wonder if this is something we learn as young children from watching others or if it is part of our genetic makeup?

I enjoyed reading your post. I agree with you that five years seems like a long time, but it will come so fast. I can't believe I'm going to be a senior next year! Three years went SO fast. I also agree that the rules of attraction which are the basis for relationships will never change. The movie Beauty and the Beast came out more than ten years ago. Even characters from movies that are older than Beauty and the Beast can be applied with the rules of attraction. I guess the rule of attraction will never likely to be changed.

This post was a very easy read and I liked how you tied in a Disney movie as applying the rules of attraction. I find similarity, reciprocity and proximity very interesting rules of attraction because they hold strong in the majority of cases.

Sometimes I find that the rules of proximity are, for lack of a better word, funny. It's like saying, in the case of Beauty and the Beast, "well there's no one else around so I might as well give you a shot". No, I am not saying this is what happens but its interesting to think about. In the case of a person constantly surrounded by people I would assume that they would be in a relationship with someone closer to them, but what if they had more communication and contact with someone that lived farther away, say an old friend in another state? Is there a chance that that relationship would work better?

I also wrote my final blog on the rules of attraction, but I'm not sure I entirely agree with their application to beauty and the beast. If proximity played a role here it was forced at best, I think that their differences were what brought them together. I firmly believe in the opposites attract mantra and think that is mostly the case in this film, but it is their willingness to accept each others points of view and activities etc. that seals their attraction.

I was also really interested in the rules of attraction so I was drawn to your blog. I had never thought about comparing the rules of attraction to cartoons before reading this. I love the movie the beauty and the beast and now I will be even more interested to look for these the next time I watch it. Thanks for the insight!

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