Eternal Sunshine of the Uneraseable Mind

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Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is the story of Joel Barish and Clementine Kruczynski, two lovers who decide to erase all memories of their relationship after it goes sour. We go through the erasing with Joel as well as the realization that giving up all the painful memories isn't worth giving up all the good, happy, beautiful ones. But hakuna matata - by the end of the movie, Joel and Clementine get a hold of tapes that explain the erasing and they decide to restart their relationships even though things might get just as sour as they did the first time and it's all happy glory yippy cute except a little too indie for me.

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The targeted memory erasure that Joel and Clementine go through is a fictional procedure. It supposedly erases a person from your memory by tracking the places in your brain that are stimulated when you think of things related to that person.

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In real life, this procedure is impossible; memories are not stored in set places in the brain, but are rather the result of a countless number of connections, stimulations, and chemicals. We know that certain organs - the hippocampus, the amygdale, etc. - are definitely involved in retaining memory, but we could never zap a certain part of them to erase a certain memory. The closest we've gotten is the drug propanolol, which blunts the memories of trama.

Poor Joel and Clementine. All that drama for a procedure that shouldn't even exist.


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I think the concept of erasing certain memories is a very interesting subject. I wonder if the converse of this could be true, that is, can certain memories be triggered by stimulating different parts of the brain?

Many people try different things to forget things. From doing drugs, or deleting the person they want to forget about from everything they own. I've seen this movie and it made me think a lot about how precious memories are. Even though painful memories can be bad, they shape who you are and allows you to learn from your mistakes.

Links to outside reading? Good description of real memory storage.

I heard from many people that this is a great movie. Erasing a person from memory sounds very interesting. The concept of memory always seems so interesting to me--especially when we suddenly come up with a memory that we did not think about for years. I really liked your post and glad to know that this movie has a happy ending. I should definitely check out this movie soon!

Okay. First, this is one of my favorite movies. Second, although its untrue it is interesting to think about erasing and creating memories in the brain. Bringing in another movie, Inception, would it ever be possible to erase or create memories?

Once our minds are merged with machines, human made computer brain systems will be designed for much easier access to unwanted memories.

It is unfortunate that memory loss can play such a big and negative role in our lives. Although ours might not be as in depth as the example you used, could you imagine what our lives would be like if we remembered everything? I'd be acing this Psych final, that's for sure.

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