False Stimulation

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Classic condition was first discovered by Ivan Pavlov. The idea is simple: pair two stimuli together to create the same reaction. The most famous example of this is his experiment with dogs. He paired to stimuli, food and a bell. He would ring the bell and shortly after give the dog food. Eventually the dog would hear the bell and think this means I'm getting food and would cause the dog to salivate.
This made me think, what stimuli make me react falsely like the dog to the bell? Here's one that came to mind: picture yourself in the shower. When the water gets too hot you step out from under the shower. Seems simple right? Now you hear a toilet flush and if you're smart you'll step out of the water. This seems unnatural though. Why does a toilet flushing make me step out of the water? It's simple. Just like the dog learned that the bell meant food humans have learned that a flushing toilet means hotter water.
Next time you react, no matter how simple, I challenge you to consider and question why you reacted in the manner you did.


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I never thought of it like that. I think that your example of stepping out from the water is an example of operant conditioning and not classical conditioning though because it is voluntary behavior based on preventing the consequence of hot water.

I really like the example of stepping out from the water and operant conditioning. It's really interesting to think of it thatway and not classical conditioning.

The way I thought of this example was as follows:
UCS-The shower water getting hot [stimulates an automatic response]
UCR-Stepping out from the water because it burns [automatic response that does not need to be learned]
CS-Hearing a toilet in the house flush [previously neutral stimulus that now elicits a response due to association with an unconditioned stimulus]
CR-Stepping out from the water because of the toilet flushing [a new response learned through conditioning to a previously neutral stimulus]
I hope that provides some clarity to what I was attempting to illustrate :)

I think it interesting to think about how classical conditioning plays a role in the life of humans. One way that I believe I have been "classically conditioned" is to put on my seatbelt when getting into a car. This is so because when you don't put your seatbelt on a red blinking light appears, along with an annoying beeping sound. I have been conditioned to put my seatbelt on in order to avoid hearing the annoying beeping sound.

Good application of classical conditioning.

I always found this concept hard to grasp because when given other situations I could never separate what was the conditioning and just the natural reaction. It has made me examine instances where habit forces me to do certain things and wonder what is being conditioned as opposed to what is my reaction.

It really is ingesting to think about conditioning. Especially in entertainment. For example, being a girl I love romance movies with the oh so classic male lead. But when I think about all of the films I have loved that follow the same format it wasn't really the content that made them stimulating or made me think they we're good exciting films, it was the hot male lead that I found arousing and therefore exciting. Kind of pathetic now that I think about it.

This is a great example of conditioning. I totally know what you mean about stepping out of the water when the toilet is flushed. It is so interesting to put psychology into a real life situation because we are surrounded by things like this every day.

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