Life is Short, Stay Awake for it

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Like most adolescents, I fought to stay awake as late as possible, and nap time was the last thing I wanted to do. Now that I'm in college, I certainly have learned to appreciate a good nap. Sleep is something that I have never thought much about, and learning about it in Psychology has definitely piqued my interest. From the different stages of sleep and when we are most likely to dream, to the disorders of sleep that many people suffer through, I never realized that so much happened while we were in this restful state. It will be years before I forget what REM sleep is, when our brains shift into high gear and we experience rapid breathing. Dreams fascinate me, and it is in this stage that we dream the most. What I will remember most vividly, however, is when I experience REM-rebound and had some of the most intense dreams I can remember, filled with detail and excitement. I have my college workload to thank for that experience, but it definitely helped me remember and understand sleep more than any textbook could do. This is an interesting article from Scientific American which discusses REM-rebound and some different circumstances which may bring about these intense nights of sleep. (thumbnail.aspx.jpg


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I found this portion of PSY 1001 on sleep very interesting as well. Sleep is very applicable to our lives as college students. It is sometimes difficult to get enough sleep on an average night, and napping has become a common necessity among many of us. It is interesting to be aware of when we have our most vivid dreams and what we can do to remember them more clearly. Good job on this blog post!

Dreams are truly amazing. I have always wondered where they come from and how we remember them. Thanks to REM we have a place where we are all kings and queens of the Lollipop realm. Without dreams we couldn't meet the people who passed who we always wanted to meet; the Lincoln's, MLK Jr's, and even the Caesars. REM rebound is a way to remember these grandiose meetings. I love dreaming!

Most people underestimate how good sleep is for you. My friends will stay up until 2 every morning and wake up at 7:15 to get in breakfast before their 8 am classes, every single, day! After taking this course, I too realize sleep is very important to us, especially during finals! I remember reading an article somewhere saying taking 8 one hour naps a day rather than sleeping a full 8 hours could be more beneficial for you. I'm not willing to try that out but it may give you more dreams?

I completely agree with everything you said Mr. Hamilton! At the beginning of the year I tried to stay up late doing homework (or slacking) and never took naps. Oh boy did that come back to haunt me! I quickly learned that this strategy only left me exhausted all day, ever day. Learning about our sleep cycle in depth from this Psych course has really helped me understand how to correct my sleep. I now go to bed much earlier or take short naps early in the afternoon

I totally agree! I cherish sleep now more than ever. When we were younger we enjoyed staying up all night, hated nap time. Now I look forward to a chance that I get during the day to take a nap! We are so busy in our lives nowadays that everyone needs as much sleep as they can get! Although taking short naps is very important and getting to sleep ON time and getting the correct amount of sleep too. I was very intrigued as well when we learned about REM and dreams!

I actually read an article that said one of the most important things to do is sleep less and enjoy life more. There have been sleep cycles that people would do where they can get minimal sleep and still feel wide awake and experience more that life brings.

Sleep definitely is one of the most interesting topics in psychology, especially since we know so little about it in comparison to many other neurological functions. A part of sleep I found particularly interesting was Lucid Dreaming, and its different occurrences.

I think that having an adequate amount of sleep is essential for success in your academics. When it comes to taking tests it is so much harder to not have bad anxiety and not feel prepared going into a test when your mind is all messed up from the lack of sleep. It definitely pays to prepare in advance so that you can have the time to get a goods rest.

I have always been fascinated by dreams. I am interested in why we can only remember some of the dreams that we have had. I, personally rarely remember what I had dreamed the previous night. I wonder if this is because I am in the REM stage of sleep more on the nights that I can remember what I had dreamed than the nights that I have no recollection about what I had dreamed the previous night.

Your link is not clickable! Sweet dreams... :)

I enjoyed reading your post. Sleeping is one of my favorite things to do. I think getting enough sleep is very important. Few days ago, I had to stay up all night writing a lab report. When I got to school, I felt like a half dead person. My thinking was slow and I felt very tired. I also think dreams are amazing. I wonder where they are coming from. It is really funny that we think bizarre things are normal in dreams.

Back when we were reading about sleep stages and our sleeping patterns I found myself having very strange dreams and remembering them completely whereas normally I never remember my dreams. I found it very interesting that this was all happening right when we were studying dreaming and the different cycles of sleep.

I am so glad I read this article during a study break for finals. I definitely agree that now I am a college student I appreciate sleep so much more. Both my body and my brain need it. Its amazing how much more awareness I have of my body now that I am older, or how much less energy I have.

The other day I slept for 11 hours straight, when I didn't really need to. I don't remember turning off my alarm at all. I woke up feeling sore and worse than if I'd had 5 hours of sleep. It makes me wonder if getting too much sleep is just as bad as not enough.

Nice post. I also enjoyed the section on sleep. I had never known about the different stages and how they relate to brain waves. My boyfriend can never remember his dreams, maybe it's just becaus he spends more time in rem.

I also find the chapter on sleep and the topic in general very interesting. Not only is it interesting, it can be very useful to us as college students in our every day lives. I've found that getting enough sleep, eating right, and working out or getting some form of exercise is just as important as a student as going to class.

Enjoyed reading your blog! It's happening to stay awake all night during exams for students.

I ran into another good article that is a complement to this one: I think you should check.

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