So, I just did some reading about Determinism.

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Ever since when I was a little boy, I knew everything happens for a reason, maybe a lot of the times they are hard to see or they are way too complex for me to understand, but the answers are out there. Later on I had this thought about Determinism when I was in 11th grade in high school, even before I've read anything about Determinism. It is not really surprising for me to form this idea all on my own, the idea which existed for centuries. Because I have some fundamental knowledge regarding Physics, Biology, and Chemistry. In addition I was able to think freely since I did not believe in an obsolete answer to everything. This idea is determined to form in my brain. Have you ever wondered about why we think the way we think? Why do we make certain decisions? Why did we see the squiggly lines arranged in certain pattern or so called words on our computer screen and make sense in our heads? As you're reading this, you are forming meanings in your head, maybe you will comment, or keep reading the next blog, perhaps you want to pee, or now you want to pee after I mentioned the word "pee". Where am I getting at? I guess I'm saying, that what you do, think, and feel, or will do, will think, and will feel are predetermined! Wait what? How? As I type this, I touch the keyboard, the signal is put into computer as electronic pulses meaning 0 and 1. They are arranged in a way so they will make since inside of a computer, and then the data is transferred via internet. The data gets to the server, stored in magnetic arrangements inside the server hard-drive. You go up on the website, the server sends a copy of the data to your computer. Your computer translate those data into light waves shooting out of your screen. Your eyes catches them and transfer the signals into your brain for processing. You then form a thought based on your brain structure and previous knowledge acquired. This thing will happen, and you will think the way you think right now. The next thing you do, you will do it, there is no way to avoid what you do next. Or what really appears to be free thinking is not really free, you are on a path of getting this piece of thought. Everything happens for a reason. I guess it is really hard to explain it with words. If you get what I said, now consider this, maybe the universe calculate at light speed, if you go closer to light speed, the time slows down, it might be due to the fact where the universe is having a harder time to calculate you! We can never calculate our future because we can't calculate at light speed. But the universe can. Well this blog seem random enough, probably it's because I haven't got much sleep. I'm luck this is only a blog, not a paper. :PFreewill_vs._Determinism.jpg


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Ugh, I just posted like 5 of those same thing due to a glitch. Now it's normal.

How does this connect to the topics we've been discussing in class?

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