Stages of Development: A New Way of Thinking

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baby2.jpgIn the coming years I think that Piaget's principle of stages and debate that surrounds around it is what will stick with me the most. Growing up my parents talked about the stages of development and that my cousins were "just in that stage." Through learning about the controversy with Piaget's principle I have learned that development is much more continuous than when I grew up. This is obviously important to know as my friends and siblings are having children of their own. This controversy is something that will affect many, even without having children of their own.

It's amazing that the idea of babies developing "in their own time" is not a new concept. I know especially with some of my friends that have children that they start to worry when their children aren't where they should be in development. With the concept of development being continuous, using this information will greatly ease the worries of those in my life that some may call "Nervous Nellies".


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I think it's interesting how babies develop differently. I have heard many different stories about how some babies can walk very early and how some take years before being able to walk

It's really cool how we've discovered that childhood development is a continuous process rather than a stage like process. It really helps to be informed about childhood growth in preparation for future events.

I think it is important for parents to realize that their child's development will not and is not supposed to follow the "normal stages" of development. Parents must be informed that their children are perfectly normal in not following the norm.

Well I believe the idea that, the development of a child is continuous rather than a stage by stage process, may ease the mind of some parents, I don't believe it will make much of an impact on the majority of people. I think that humans are always going to compare the growth of their child to that of other peoples children, and will still be distressed if their child is progressing abnormally slow.

Can development both consist of stages and continuity? Are some aspects more continuous and some more distinct?

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