The Different Systems of Memory

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As Psych 1001 draws to a close, one topic stands out to me among all the concepts covered in the course. That topic is how our memory systems work. The human memory system is conceived of 3 different systems, sensory, short term, and long term memory.The most interesting part of the memory systems was how it was affected by long term potentiation, or LTP. Memory grows stronger as the neurons in our brains fire more. This is due to the strengthening of neural pathways over repeated usage. As a prospective medical student, this intrigues me due to the possible consequences in the clinical field. This could aid in the treatment of diseases such as Alzheimer's or dementia. The degeneration of long term memory is a hot topic in the current medical climate due to its harmful affects on the quality of people's lives. A possible treatment for this degeneration could involve repeated exposure to stimuli that trigger activity along weakening neural pathways. Obviously much more research would be necessary before anything substantial is achieved, but the topic bears keeping in mind for the next 5 years, if not longer. psych blog pic 4.jpeg


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I guess it shouldn't be surprising that something related to your possible career would be the thing you will most remember, but I think it's definitely an important topic. My great grandma had Alzheimer's and it was sad to see it progress through her years. Alzheimer's affects a lot of people and I cannot wait for some of the things you mentioned to make progress towards helping those with it!

I feel that memory is very important in life. What's life if you don't remember it? Having solid long term memories could make you a complete different person. Always remembering good events would make you more happy compared to only remembering tragic events.

Memory is really important in our daily life. I and my friends always bet whose memories are correct. I really like to use flashbulb memory. When I found the really important thing which I have to memorize, I make an event by myself. Turn back to your topic, I read the article that the more play the card game, the less possibility to get memory diseases. Check this out

Great work connecting psychology to your future job. If we can somehow use this concept to cure alzheimer's disease it would make a profound impact on all of humanity. In the United States alone there are 5.1 million people that have been diagnosed with alzheimer's disease.

I think the problem is that in most of the degenerative diseases that the neurons are dying off which means you can't maintain the pathway. You might however be able to create a new alternate pathway.

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