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One topic that still has a huge debate over nature vs. nurture is homosexuality. Thankfully most people no longer considered a disorder, with the exception of Michele Bachmann's home district and other religious extremist like some of the people there. Being gay is not a choice, it's not a lifestyle, it's something that doesn't change about a person over time. I recently read this article about gay teens in Anoka Minnesota being bullied while their school teachers and officials cannot do anything about it because of ridiculous policies put in place by the school board. To me, this was disgusting. In my mind, most of my generation would consider being gay a non-issue. It shouldn't be something up for debate. Which is why in the debate of nature vs. Nurture, I would assume being gay is more nature than nurture. When it comes to nurture, even if you're raised a certain way it doesn't mean you will turn out exactly like the people who raised you. Two very kind people can raise a child who turns out rebellious and problematic while a child raised by bad parents could grow up to resent how his parents acted and dedicate their life to being better than that. With nurture, there is always still a choice to be made by the individual. That concept does not apply when it comes to being gay though. This article discusses the topic of nature vs. nurture in homosexuality and gives some interesting arguments about it.

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