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Adrenaline Miracle

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to not feel pain? Aron Ralston in Aspen, Colorado did exactly this in 2003 in his inspirational story of survival in the mountains. In Chapter 3 it talks about adrenal glands that are located atop the kidneys in our bodies that act as our "emergency centers", for Aron they helped him stay alive and fight for his life after being stuck for 127 hours. Nerves of the nervous systems in our bodies signal the adrenaline glands to release adrenaline and allow people to perform incredible tasks.aron-rock.jpg
Although many of these feats have not been officially proven, many have occurred including Aron Ralston's unbelievable story of how his own adrenaline remarkably saved his life. Adrenaline can do a number of things for our body including: contracting our heart muscle to provide us more blood to the body, opening lungs to provide more air, break down fat to provide more fuel, breakdown of glycogen to energize our muscles, and even open our pupils to enable vision. We never are aware of the adrenaline in our bodies until the moment we need it. Our bodies are amazing and adrenaline only proves this even more.

For real footage of Aron Ralston in the mountains click here!

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