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Psych 1001 Words of Wisdom

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Many find psychology interesting because it's just like a quiz in a girlie magazine. Lots of people love talking about themselves, and we also find it interesting to learn about ourselves. Psychology 1001 has been one of those classes that I have brought up very often in my daily conversations throughout the semester. The last thing I remember saying was when I told my best friend that you don't sleep as well when you're drunk. I also brought up correlation vs. causation when my mom told me that weed makes you late. I don't think she quite understood the concept. I just spoke with some women on the bus today about language and told them that the American school system is terrible with language because the best time to learn a language if you want to speak it like a native is before age 7. Beyond the random facts, the idea that most psychology questions don't have a yes or no answer has really translated into other areas of my life. Mainly in the book's section about development, I have learned that the baby's behavior affects the parents' behavior, and the parents' behavior affects the baby's behavior, and most social problems don't have one cause.

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