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Have you ever wondered how divorce effects the children in the family? Well I think this is an interesting topic because my parents got divorced when I was younger. I did some research online about possible effects that divorce can have and I found some of the findings pretty interesting. Some research shows that people that live in divorced families tend to be worse off, have more problems with peers, Here are 2 articles that I thought had good information about this topic in them
Article 1
Article 2
The first article talks more about how divorce effects different groups of children such as infants, elementary students, and teenagers. It also talks about the gender effects of divorce. I found this part very interesting. It says that boys raised by fathers and girls raised my mothers do better that children that are raised by the parent of the opposite sex. I assumed that it wouldn't really matter who which parent raised the children as long as they were good parents to the child.
The second article also had some interesting facts. I understand how children with divorced families tend to be worse off than children who still live in an "intact" family. Even though there is anecdotal evidence of children who turn out different than the average I still find this information interesting and feel there is more to be learned and discussed about this topic.

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