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Anorexia.jpgIn five years I think what I will remember most about our psychology class will be bulimia and anorexia. Although we can say that society is starting to realize that models and actresses who are tiny are not healthy, I believe that the societal norm will be pressurized towards being skinny. Young girls are going to try to be skinny in any which way as well. Even in five years girls and boys will struggle with weight and in trying to be perfect to stick with what beauty is as viewed in society. Anorexia and bulimia are sever illnesses and even though we do have a lot in the world explaining the dangers, unless there is a view saying that "normal" women and men are beautiful, there will always be young children trying to become beautiful by starving and hurting themselves. I believe that society will still be thinking the exact same as it does today in regards to beauty and how models have to be a size 0. It definitely is not at all healthy and is taking a toll on millions of girls and boys all over the world.

Twilight--a movie and book series that everyone knows about, but not everyone likes. It is a love story between a human, Bella and a vampire, Edward. According to Ellen Berscheid there are three major principles in attraction and relationship formation. Edward-3-bella-twilight-couples-24897291-453-303.jpg The relationship between Edward and Bella worked well because of proximity. They never left each others side, thus having a huge success in their love story because of proximity. Everywhere Bella went, Edward would follow. He thought he was being "protective" but really it was because of the strong chemistry he felt toward Bella and had to be close to her. The relationship also had a lot of reciprocity between the two. Bella and Edward equally gave and take from the relationship to fuel their love, even though Bella, annoyingly, always made a point to suggest that Edward gave so much more to her and that she could never give him enough. When it came to similarity, however, the two should have crashed and burned. They had something extremely different between each other at first--Edward being a vampire and Bella being human. Although because Bella constantly asked Edward to change her and because she really had no personality, like Edward, they were more closely matched than I had originally thought. All in all, Edward and Bella, however annoying their relationship had been, was bound for success because they had met the three principles of a relationship to a T. Edward and Bella.jpg

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