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Every kids done it. They have this great idea and have to go see this cool toy! Once they have finished their playtime, they go back to find mommy and she's not there! Where did she go? They figure she would've been right where the child left her. Then soon the child realizes, they're lost! lost.jpg
Often times my mom and I talk about when I was a young 5 year old and had gotten lost in the grocery store. What I remember from that normal trip to the store is different from what my mom remembers though.

What I remember: Oh it was a great time going to the store seeing all the people, picking out my favorite foods and toys. I was at the age where i no longer could fit in the shopping cart, so I would walk alongside my mother to the certain locations in the seemingly massive store. All of the sudden my mom was gone. I actually didn't think much of it at first and just walked around to try to find her. I even checked the car to make sure she wasn't there. Soon enough I go look at the checkout lanes and walk over there and she was there waiting. I run and meet her arms.

What my mom remembers: She was having a normal run to the grocery for the usual family foods. Soon she realizes I am no longer following her. She looks around through the aisles, going up and down all of them, heart racing. She then goes to the front of the store to customer service and reports a lost child. They announce it over the intercom and she waits eager to see me show up. The store sends employees to go look for me and eventually the employee finds me walking around crying profusely. She is very upset and happy at the same time and walks me to the car.

Clearly our two minds recall the event in different light. But why? Well one reason for the difference could be that I don't recall the events in chronological order as I was a child and still had a developing brain. The store says that no child would have made it outside of the store to the car alone because they always have someone at the door checking for shoplifters. So I must have been with my mother when I "checked" in the car. Another reason for the difference may be because of what I think a child being lost in a store would be like, I try to project that to my instance of being lost. This lack of consistency between my mother's memories and my memories is based in the mind of the 5 year old that I once was. For more information on the reliability of childhood memories click here.

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