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Growing up in our society, it is almost guaranteed that you have been told that you are either a "left-brained" person or a "right-brained" person. Left brain individuals are thought to be more organized and logical, while right-brained people are thought to be more creative and artistic. But does this connection really exist? Is there really a correlation between your actions in life and the side of your brain that you predominantly use? According to the text, no there is not. There is a constant connection between the two parts of the brain, and one is not used primarily over the other. Instead, the two sides work in a way where they are constantly complementing off of each other. This is why we have the corpus callosum so that the sides can constantly communicating with one another. So the next time someone gives you the explanation of "you're a right-brained person, you wouldn't understand", you'll be able to prove them wrong.


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