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Needles in your back?

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Five years from now a concept that I think I will remember is that of alternative or contemporary medicine and specifically the discussion on acupuncture. When I was a freshman in high school I injured my shoulder and one of the treatments that was done on it was acupuncture. I found the process to be intensely painful. images.jpgHowever, in chapter 12 it is discussed as an energy medicine, a practice of medicine that is becoming increasingly popular. I think I will remember this concept because it, along other alternative and contemporary medicines are becoming increasingly common; and it is likely I will encounter this treatment option in the future as I am an avid athlete. For many of these treatments there is controversy as to if they actually are beneficial to one's heath. Thanks to the discussion on them in our psychology book however, I feel I am much more equipped to make sound medical decisions on my own regarding them and can understand what they are and how they may be helpful to an individual's health. For a detailed list of some other alternative medicines including acupuncturehere.

Could how you look be determining if you get the job? In recent studies about how attractiveness affects your career it was found that it is not just you that is getting the job it is also how you look. This is because employers want a good face associated with their company. According to Newsweek when it comes to getting hired in the first place 57% of managers say that an unattractive but qualified job candidate will have a hard time getting hired. Employers judge books by their covers they are blinded by what is sitting in front of them and sometimes do not even take a look at the actual job candidate's resume.jpg
The same goes for relationships we are told not to judge a book by its cover all the time but we still do it. However, this is not just the case within one race it covers all races. According to our Psych 1001 textbook if you ask a man of African American, Asian or Caucasian decent who they find more attractive they will tend to agree on the same person. Is there a way to change how people think and stop judging books by their covers or is this something that is going to be the same no matter how hard we try?

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