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Ever wonder why we turned out the way we are? As we have read in Chapter 3, there is a big debate on how we came to be who we are. The discussion of nature versus nurture has been going on for more than 150 years. This debate discusses inheritance of genes from parents. An article by Ryan Johnson, from ALLpsych, raises the debate of nature versus nurture discussing homosexuality in today's society. This article goes back and forth arguing if homosexuality is developed through nature characteristics or nurture characteristics. Johnson displays a quote, "It (homosexuality) emerges from most people in early adolescence with no prior sexual experience." From this quote it seems, as Johnson believes homosexuality comes from nurture instead of nature. However, as you keep reading the article, Johnson describes some tests that were done in the early 30's. A researcher, Alfred Kinsey did an experiment on a group of males that had such strong results it put the world homosexual into common language. Both nature and nurture have arguments for and against each other. Doctors and researchers have opinions on both sides, and both have great examples. Looking at family history and the environment we grow up around will never be enough information to tell which one is more dominant. nature_nurture.jpg

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