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Many of us have probably learned the effects of alcohol first hand, hell, some of us have probably had too much that they can't remember the night before too well. This is called blacking out, and it usually happens when a person drinks twice the legal limit (depending on their tolerance, emotional state and appetite). When too much alcohol gets into the brain, it prevents the neurons from transmitting back and forth in the hippocampus, thus not allowing your brain to store your experiences accurately.

Some cases of rape and homicides can be thrown out of court because of the unreliability of drunken recollections. Something that may sound satirical but may be valid is to get the victims back into the state of mind that they were in before they give their testimonies. (I won't get into this subject because there is simply not enough space devoted to a topic that requires so much).

The act of blacking out, then getting drunk again to remember what happened when you were blacked out is called drunken recall. It doesn't quite have validity yet, nor will it hold up in court, but the key word is yet. Scientists have toyed with State Dependent Learning, that is: studying something in the same context or environment that you learned it in allows you to remember the subject matter better. It has been tested with environments and emotional states and has proven to be interesting to say the least. As a test, why don't you go out, get completely hammered and hide something in an unfamiliar place. The next day you probably won't know what happened or where you hid the object, but get annihilated again and see if you remember where the object is.

Here is a humorous view on drunken recall from the movie Beerfest.

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