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Science, as defined in the dictionary, is systematic knowledge of the physical or material world gained through observation and experimentation. But how do we know we are right? In text books there is an answer key for every problem. There is no answer key for life. I was recently pondering this idea: most of science is based off of models of reality, not reality itself. For example, let's consider the science of economics. In a simple example, if there is more demand than supply in theory that should drive up prices. My question is why?
Most people would start to talk explain that because of scarcity, the determining factor in who gets the resource is determined by who offers the most compensation, which logically to most people makes sense, and accepts it as true. But does it need to be true, or is it even true? While this question may seem difficult, the answer is simple: it's the only way humans know how to solve the problem of scarcity, at least the way the majority believes it to be. Most have come to accept this supply and demand model because science says it to be true. This brings me to my final point. How much do we, as humans, let these representations of reality(science) influence our behavior?

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