Snoring causes DEATH!

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Our generation has become very concerned with their health. Merchandising companies love to play with this idea. In the article, "Are you snoring yourself to death?" a company claims there is a positive correlation between snoring and very serious causes of death, such as heart disease and diabetes. They furthermore suggest that the supposed correlation actually causes the effects. Ever so conveniently, at the end of the page there is a product that offers a solution to the problem and you can even buy two for the price of one!
The article tries to rule out other hypothesis by giving this cause a name, obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Since this condition seems legit to the average population, it easier to trick the viewer. It is highly unlikely that OSA leads to heart disease or diabetes because no support is offered on this issue. Without support, the claim is easily falsifiable. Perhaps, using Occam's Razor, there is a different answer to these diseases. With much research, we already know the causes of the health conditions OSA claims to prevent. They are much more direct and simpler causes, such as blockage in arteries causes heart disease. At this time, that information is common knowledge to most of the population, but due to the health fad people are gullible to many health issues. I'm sure the claimed correlation is replicable. Many people with heart disease or diabetes probably have OSA, but that doesn't mean it causes the diseases. For example, OSA is perhaps another side-effect of obesity as well as heart disease and diabetes.
At the end of the day, this is an extraordinary claim. Extraordinary claims need extraordinary evidence; this article offers zero evidence. Merchandising companies use common trends in the psychological minds of the population, such as health concern, to trick them. However, using the six principles of scientific thinking we can out rule them all and save our money.


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I think you hit this issue on the head. It is likely due to obesity that people have both OSA and heart disease or diabetes. People do certainly die from sleep apnea, but I really doubt the product will cure diabetes. :) Nice picture!

A well written post. Many people are unaware of the many serious side effects of snoring. I agree that the big corporations are out to make a buck anyway possible.
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There are lots of connections between snoring and heart diseases so at some points they are right. However lost of people avoid to take action on simple snoring solutions and avoid such dangers.

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