Correlation vs. Causation

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The idea of correlation vs. causation can be deceiving to those who are unfamiliar with the six principles of critical thinking. The correlation of a graph is not always determined by the fact of two variables in a scatter plot. For example, the decrease in health is associated with the increase of number in homeless people in a given area. Now even though the facts are right since when do homeless people cause sickness? What we may have forgot to realize is that homeless people tend to live in areas with poor living conditions which in turn can cause health risks. So with this in mind can all correlations be relied on? The answer is yes, however, you can't use correlations on everything you please to do. Correlations should have a specific point and should be logical and reasonable. Yet with this idea on correlation and causation I wonder as to if some correlations today are false even if they seem valid. However, correlations that have reliable sources have proved to b valid so in which shows that as long as the correlation has a valid relationship between the variables the correlation should be correct.xkcd-correlation.jpg

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I am having a little trouble following the logic of your argument. What point are you trying to make? Nice cartoon.

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