Killing Innocent People

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On occasion, my family will talk about vacations we have previously taken. My younger sister has very vivid accounts of the vacations that she enjoyed the most. The only problem is most of these accounts were from vacations that she did not attend. In fact, the memories were from before she was born. Even now, at 14 years old and being told continuously that she couldn't possibly have been present for these specific events, she repeatedly tells her stories of our vacations. She believes them to be true despite the unarguable evidence against her claims. Also, in the article we read for our discussion sections about Paul Ingram and his family, we can conclude that the memory of an average person can be altered and is not accurate enough to use in our legal system. This can be seen when it comes to the death penalty of Troy Anthony Davis! troy_davis.jpg
Many things can happen that result in error with accusations against suspects of a crime. Going as far as punishing them for a crime they did not commit. Despite the fact that there can be misconduct in the legal system, people make mistakes when identifying an offender. We can even be made to believe a false event occured. An event can be altered in our memories on basis of source monitoring confusion, when we are unsure if an event actually occurred. Elaboration is encouraged by suggestive memory techniques. In the end, we are left with the misinformation effect, where misleading information results in false memories. Because of this, innocent people are killed. With this knowledge, death penalty should be abolished. This would change our whole legal system from one based off of variable perspective to one of hard evidence. I know that this would definitely save lives of the wrongfully accused, but might also affect justice to true victims of crime. Will we ever find a win-win situation?

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Why do you think abolishing the death penalty would make the system more evidence based? How are the two connected? Overall nice post with good pictures and links.

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